Toothbrush after eating candies

As early as six month my baby’s two teeth started to appear at the upper front then a month later another two teeth appeared at the lower front part. Most teeth come in pair. Teething varies from one baby to another. Some don’t even have a tooth until reach 1 year old. Now my baby turned 9 months and just yesterday I noticed that another 4 teeth starts to erupt in my baby’s gum, that point I understand and realized why my baby got so irritated this past few weeks, has low grade fever, often cries and wants to be carried always. I just need to be more patient and give more attention for my baby especially this time.

I will take good care of my baby’s teeth; I should be strict in term of tooth brushing even in her very young age. I will train her to brush her teeth every time specially after eating candies to drain out bad element that stays causing plaque and tartar build up. Teeth play a very important role and function and it is also a front line and the one people first see from us when we are talking. It gives beauty and confident.

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