Waiting for my time

Many are the plans of a man’s heart but still God’s purpose will prevail. This topic was our Sunday’s school lesson last Sunday taught us all about planning. And I want to share it to you. Whatever our plans will be it should be inclined to God’s will. Before making plans make sure to consult it to God first. God didn’t make us a robot, we still have our own will and decision but we are liable for our own action. God commanded us to submit to Him in all we do and He will make our plan succeed. 

The topic was really fit for me. Sometimes I got so impatient and not yielding myself to Him. I am still waiting for God’s perfect timing. I have so many plans in life; plan to have a stable job and able to practice my profession as a nurse. God teaches me to be more humble and patient enough to wait for my time. I can’t deny sometimes I pity myself and maybe blamed myself for getting married early but I believe what happened in my life was included in His entire plan. I never regret even a single for I really love what I have now; a responsible husband and a very lovely daughter.

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