What a beautiful day I have today. I met two of my long lost friends. For how many years we didn’t see each other. After our high School graduation each of us lives in separate ways. Each of us shared different stories of our lives. One of my friends is so successful on her career as a flight attendant in a prestigious airline company but she don’t get married yet and the other one is happy just being a plane housewife. What was funny is that both of them get shocked when they saw me. They were amazed how I’ve changed. Due to I was not that self-conscious before and desolated my body so I became so fat. But when I reached in college just then I started become conscious of my body. I started doing regular exercise and taking HCG Diet until now. It was so effective and it made my body now so slim and sexy. They are very happy for me. Im thankful for they appreciate my body now. Seeing them again feels so good. We had a good time talking and laughing together with our funny moments before. Bestfriends forever.

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Redeeming my Time

My flight is getting closer. I can't hold the time anymore and I will start to live far away from my family again. I am spending the rest of my time while I am still with my family. We all have a finite amount of time in this world, some less than others. And it is not the amount of time, rather how we use it which truly matters. For me spending my time with my family matters most. My family is the most important persons in my life. I love them so much. I don't leave yet but I miss them already. Oh God give me more comfort and strength. I entrust everything in your name. I know you are there and u will never leave me. Thank you Lord!

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Grass cutting

Our neighbor was cleaning their backyard that had full of weeds a while ago. I enjoyed watching them while cleaning it seemed they were just playing on the ground. They were using toro zero turn mowers in cutting the grasses. The mower is so safe and faster to use. In just few minutes our neighbor was able to clean their entire background. Their backyard is already so clean and they planted flowers on it.

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Website making

I got a website of my own when my sister told me to create a blog. Since then I started to love the things I hate before to write and taking pictures to everything that caught my eyes. At first I didn’t have any idea on it on how to get started and what I will do in it but my sister taught me and gave me free links so I will get an idea and can start to manage how to create blogs and to improves my website online. Right now I am enjoying it. 

I’m thankful with my sister for she taught and helped me a lot with my website. Now I know the terms, codes and etc. used in website. I got techniques and ideas on how to promote it. I & my sister are doing free link exchange to get a high rank and traffic on our websites and to build links which will get us connected with other websites or blog users. It is now our bonding moment spending time together while working on our websites.

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Shopping time

What a nice feelings to get and have the things which fills your wants. I just came from shopping and though it was a bit tiring I enjoyed it with the sense that I like all the stuff I bought. It’s quite pretty expensive things but I asked myself for what I am working hard for? So that I can buy the things I want aside of I can assist my family’s needs and besides it’s just once in a blue moon that I go for shopping for myself. Its only sometimes I pampered myself. And I have to shop as well to keep the stuff with me in my journey going out in the country.

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Brand new car

It’s a new car! Finally, by God’s providence and by my sister’s endeavor we got a new car. My sister is working so hard abroad to assist our family and to buy a car she dreamed of and atlast she got it. Our family loves “out of town” trip and every time we went out we were just renting a car and so my sister decided to buy a brand new car. The car is so beautiful with a competitive rate car insurance package.

We went out for a thanksgiving party at the beach a day after we received it. It was so good to have fun in the beach during summer time. It was so refreshing and enjoyable one. And the best thing in it we saved money for we didn’t rent a car anymore which may cost us a lot. How thankful we are to our sister, she is so kindhearted, hardworking and a family oriented. She just wants the best for our family, for our happiness. The car is been so very useful to us. Now our family can go anywhere spend more precious time together anytime. Thanks God for the blessing to have a such wonderful family like ours.

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Importance of car insurance

My dad together with our driver get caught by a traffic enforcer this afternoon because of driving without a license. Partly it’s my father’s fault because he let him drive in the downtown where many police at their guard finding violations in the way. Though hiring him was already a mistake but to the purpose of helping him in some ways we let him stay in our house. It cost much in getting a license together with insurance but we will answer all the expense for him. We should get him the best insurance because we cannot know when accident will happen especially in his age. He is only seventeen years old not yet qualified to get a driver’s license but can get a student permit and when he reach eighteen he can now be issued a permanent license. It is not only for the police but for the safety, driving without a license is a big no no and don’t forget to get insurance in a company that offers the best benefits as possible.

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Taking new venture in life

I am going to travel back to work again. Even it is hard for me but I am thankful to God and still I can say that I am lucky enough to get this chance to work to other country and that I have courage enough to take it. Everybody knows in terms of compensation the salary there is so high compare locally that is why there are many people in my home country longing that they can work abroad too. Only few of us have got this rare opportunity so I will not waste it. I have to sacrifice and venture coz i believe there I can find a greener pasture. I am lonely and nervous but at the same time im excited. I can do it. God is with me where ever go. Bless me oh Lord!

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My laptop

Laptop was one of my dreams to have when I was still in college and finally I had it now. It is very comforting to know that I only have six months left to finish my installed laptop. It is quite heavy for us to pay for it every month but God is good for using someone in giving me a way and to be able to pay for it. I promised to myself as long as this laptop is not yet fully paid, no one can touch this except for me and my hubby. This is very expensive thing and need to be taking cared of. I just need to buy a laptop sleeve and a macbook air sleeves to have it protected and avoid from any scratches and damages that the future may bring.

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A home away from home

Living in a city is much more advantage than living in rural places in terms of technology advancement and also many opportunities can be found in the urban area where big building and businesses are present. It allows easy access to many establishments like hospital, mall, hotel and many more. People in the urban are always busy, in hurry to go for work and may experience traffic due to over populations especially during peak hours. Life in the urban is not always easy where most people are working very hard for the family. Everyone needs a break to relax and forget the work for a meantime. Skilled Nursing Ohio is a place where you can stay and feel at home. It also offers apartments and rental with a very good deal, truly a place where we can call home far away from home. This community also will look for the spiritual growth and maturity of a person by providing program about health and spiritual health.
In the other hand, living is the rural places have some advantages too. It is away from pollutions, noise and not crowded with having only few neighbors and the houses are not too close with each other. People can breathe fresh air.  A simple living and not complicated as compare to urban places.

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In deep pain

I am very sad when my friend told me about our one friend who is now dying from stage 4 breast cancer. She was already recovered from having it three years ago but relapses and already metastasize and now affecting her bone. Her femur got fracture due to brittle bone. She is now in the hospital in deep pain and just waiting for her time. She can’t be able to talk nor walk but she can still be able to open her eyes. We just hope that miracle will happen and praying for the family to stay strong amidst of the great thunderstorm that trying to shake them.

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Don't drive if you don't have auto insurance

There are a lot of company that Helps individual get auto insurance plan by giving flyers and putting a big signage to advertise it to the public. It is really indeed very important and is a must to get insurance for it will help us in times of need like if accident happen in the way. Don’t even drive if you don’t have auto insurance for safety purposes. This company will protect our property and will give big assistance during emergency to fix what has been damaged and lost. We should take good care with our investments in life by putting the best insurance with affordable cost to cover it up.

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Extraordinary experience

I can still remember my college days way back five years ago and the memories are still fresh in my mind. I really love to recall those memorable and extraordinary experiences I had in my hospital and community exposure. It has been said that experience is the best teacher, definitely true. We cannot learn if we are not expose to the real situation even if we have a lot of knowledge in theory. So much more for this, the area of exposure that really captures and leaved a mark on my heart is the Mental hospital duties. That experience was been very special to me. I am caring a patient who has no definite age; probably in the mid 30’s. We already made a special bonding between me and her in my 14 days duties. It is truly very hard to work with this kind of patients but very fulfilling and the feeling is different from those of normal people. Reality orientation is one of our duties in dealing with patients, we want them to be aware and go back to the reality. We teach them like we are teaching children how to take a bath, change clothes and many simple procedures. Some patients have not been visited by their loved ones and these worsen the patient’s conditions because of lack of support, they are neglected and forgotten just because of their situation. At the end of our duties we visited our patient house and met their parents, we did some counseling and advices that moral support is very essential in patient’s recovery. We also witnessed how hard their living was because of puberty. Some patients are just come and go to the mental hospital because of lack of compliance to medication due to limited resources to buy for the maintenance meds. 

One way of solving the family-patients issues is to provide counseling to help them opened and lightened up with advices. There is an easy way of counseling and one of many benefit from online counseling is that it offers very convenient and you can access into it even you are at home, a very hassle free especially for the patients. But for those who can’t do this way, the hospital has a counseling program specializes for the families to make them understand that their support and love is very vital for patient’s maximum recovery. We should not condemn any patients suffer for this kind of diseases instead stretching our hands for them without judging.

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We will face it together Pa!

I got so emotional this past two days; it’s all started when mom told us about my father’s health condition. At first upon hearing my mom my heart breaks up and I really feel guilty, why? Because I never win or convince my father to stop smoking, being in the health profession I used to give health teaching to the community about the effects of cigarette to our body but I never did it to my own father. We used not to talk to our father openly though we had some small conversation every day. We are part to be blamed I think. All I feel now is pity for my father, how I wish I can do something for him. I really loved and respect him. My heart was only at peace knowing that it can be cured with proper compliance to medication. I can also feel my father’s feeling now; maybe he is still in the denial stage. I don’t know if he is crying but I saw him wiping his two eyes with towel on the day he was diagnosed. It is not easy for him to accept though this is expected. My heart was crushing hearing him saying to my daughter that ‘Lolo has a cough and must stay away from you baby’. As much as possible we would not let him feel that he is sick, treating him the same as usual way. I think what I can do now is to help my father to be more compliance to his medication and give him moral support for I know the feeling to be rejected or avoided by others. 

The doctor advised him to have a complete blood test to know if there is still underlying infections. Surprisingly we found out that his blood sugar is elevated also beyond the normal range. This caused us so much worry especially my two sisters are soon leaving abroad for work. Only mom, dad and our youngest brother will be left but I still have a month living here before we will evacuate to our own house. While writing this post I can’t hold my tears from falling down, I just don’t know I became so emotional this week. I am so worried for many things. Lord please ease our hearts and reminds us always that You are in control of everything. Amen.

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Mix Emotions

My heart compressed & palpitated too fast when my employment agency informed me about my departure next week from the country to Singapore. I feel happy because I was waiting for it months ago but on the other hand there’s also a twitter feelings and loneliness coz I know life in abroad is not really easy and again I am leaving my family. I know I can surpass all again the hardships and loneliness but what makes me worry badly is that I am leaving my father not physically well.

Just today we got the findings of his medical test and what a heart breaking to know that his health condition is not good. The Doctor said that his lungs have few scratches already and also he has diabetes. Since in his teenager life he used to smoke and many times he had been confined to the hospital because of smoking. I just wish that he will be well very soon and that he will stop smoking for good. I can’t avoid not to worry about him. I pray that God will help and heal him very soon. I love my father; I love my family so much. They are the reason I venture to work to other country.

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Happy but sad

It is just like a mixed emotion upon hearing that my sister will soon leave for work in Singapore. I am happy because the long awaited moment of her has already arrived and I know she’s excited to take her new journey again in the other country. I am sad in the side knowing that we can’t have her for two years again, she will be away from us and most of all she can’t be able to attend my baby’s first birthday celebration. I just wished they will be present on that moment. The feeling was worsening more thinking that my other sister will be leaving also for work in Africa. They will leave this house empty and silent. I just don’t understand my feelings this time I should be happy for another opportunity of her to explore and work in a new way setting and I’m pretty sure this kind of work is the one she’s longing for also. 

We still have a less than ten days to be with them and we should take this time more enjoyable and worth remembering. I really hates goodbye moments it makes me teary eyed seeing them leaving. Good luck on your new journey Sisters, praying for both of you and your love life also.:) Have a safe trip.

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Try this one

If I am to asked what is my prayer that has not been answered it would be my wish that my father would stop smoking. Since I am very young this was already my ultimate prayer for my father. In the hope that he will avoid those things that gives nothing but bad health. There was one time that he was admitted to the hospital for lung related problem and that point he promised us and even to the doctor that he will stop smoking, we thought that’s the end of our agony but we were so disappointed 3 months later after he was discharged from the hospital, he returns back to smoke. All our effort to offer him candy, help him forget about it turns out useless. He even became a chain smoker and consumed 1 pack of cigarette a day.

It is so sad to see how our father’s body getting weaker and we noticed how his weight decreases. Now we earnestly find an alternative that would help him in his cigarette addiction. I came to read about Electronic Cigarettes in the internet and find it very interesting. It is so good for it gives lesser effect and very convenient to use. After I looked through it, I decided to purchase one for my father. This has been used by many people and will try it for my father also.

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Way back in my childhood days we were not used to go to the dentist for any teeth matters. Due to we were far away from the City and that we believed in a natural method and herbal medications we didn’t care dentist or science. Our parents were the dentist to our own selves. I still remember how my father pulled our very loose teeth with a thread and gave us vinegar to gurgle it to stop the bleeding. It worked in some other ways but we realized the danger of doing it, the tendency that would led to infection, severe bleeding or hemorrhage and any other complications if not properly done or if one’s health or condition needs doctor.

I am glad we moved to the City and as time goes by as we become mature and have enough education about health we started to trust science and technology. I admit we didn’t give that much attention on our teeth before until we started to get conscious with our physical appearance. It was little bit late when we consulted a Dentist. I already had toothache and some tooth problems. I am thankful for our family dentist who saved and taking care of our teeth right now from cleaning, to filling to tooth extraction. She made me have a beautiful & confident smile. Thank you Doc!

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From five years of working abroad I got a break. I resigned on my previous job and now I am at home for four months just taking rest. I applied for a new job two months ago and thanked God I found one. I already have enough rest and wanted to start to work again but sad to know from my agency that I have to wait. The agency said that they are only waiting for the "go" signal of the employer coz so far from my batch that were hired too, still only four of us which employment pass has been approved and we have to wait until everybody gets approved. Oh my God, until how long it will take? As what I knew, some of the applicants during the interview don’t have a passport yet. But on the other hand it is a blessing in disguise for me that it will take a little bit longer for I want to be present in my niece 1st year birthday but I do hope Lord it will not take longer than in my niece birthday. I am already very eager to go and work. I need to work now.

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She's learning to walk

We are so happy and excited for our baby, who is learning to walk already. Can now be able to stand alone for a minute and soon will start to take a step. We really witnessed how she develops and shows improvement every day. We can’t wait to see her walking, another stage of her life in which she can explore more about the things in her environment and surroundings. It’s another responsibility for us also to look for her more because this time she’s getting more active and is prone to accidents.

How good to see our baby playing independently in the park using different playground equipment while we are sitting in the Park Benches watching her. This time we will go out for a picnic more often. We have known a very nice place perfect for a family which has some Picnic Tables and Adirondack chairs to accommodate us more. More waiting until our baby will reach to the point knowing that she has to walk everyday of her life.

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Stay on the line

I went to a grocery store to buy some stuff for my baby, since the one that we bought last week was already consumed. Upon entering the mall I noticed that they have made some changes and upgrades with the facilities and the services they are giving to the customers. It is so good to see the new setting, new arrangement of the mall. Sometimes we need to rearrange things to make it more attractive and new. They expanded the waiting area for the customers to pay for the cashier and secured a barricades to make people stay in the line orderly and peacefully. 

In the second floor I got a hard time carrying my grocery for it was so heavy because the baggage counter was transferred to the other entrance gate, so I had a long walk with my grocery in hand. They also put a stanchions and velvet rope to promote safety entrance for the customers while the guards check for the things before letting them to enter inside.

Waiting time can be very stressful especially when the environment didn’t cooperate and lack of facilities for crowd control. Almost all government establishments here in the Philippines because of the slow flow of transaction everyone needs to go early to be in the line earlier than the other. As good citizen we can’t do anything but to follow and obey the rule.

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Swing, Oh I love swing!

Putting and keeping my daughter asleep for an hour is always been my problem. She has more wake moments than sleeping. She loves to play all day and doest really wants to sleep. I don’t know where she gets her super energy, been very hyperactive. I carried her most of the time and sometimes I put her on a walker. When we tried to put her on a swing when she was still very small, she doesn’t like it but now at 10months we tried again putting her on a swing and guess what she sleeps very deep and long. I regret why I only tried it now to put her on a swing again. I put it just above our bed to ensure safety and very convenient for me to cradle her while I’m doing something in my laptop.

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Lake Burton Home

Author: Joyce Mccall

My Mom and Dad have dreamed for many years about having a second home at Lake Burton, within a couple of hours drive from their permanent home in Atlanta. This dream had always been out of their reach financially, as the homes there were ultra expensive. However, the real estate crash had put several properties on the market that seemed within their reach and they were finally able to fulfill their dream. It has been lots of fun to go to their lake house for a weekend, without having to drive for hours. They have graciously made it available for me and my friends whenever we want and we have accepted their offer. It was a little awkward at first, as there was no internet service to stay in touch with the outside world but I talked them into getting so now we can email, Facebook, etc. I feel very happy that Mom and Dad got the satisfaction of fulfilling their dream but I’m not exactly sad that it had some tangential advantages for me too!

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Running around with the water sprinkler

Guest post written by Danny Winkler

There is nothing more fun in the world to me than playing around with my grandkids. There's nothing like grandkids to make you feel like you're a kid again. Lucky for us, our grandkids live right down the road from us so we get lots and lots of quality time with them. We hosted a 4th of July picnic for our family and our home.

But before then, we did a bunch of planning for it and while I was looking up some fun games that we could play with our kids. While we were doing that I ran across the site looked through it and decided that it was probably about time to actually get some hearing aids. I was talking to my wife about that not too long ago anyway, so I signed up for a hearing aid test through the site.

I decided that the most fun we could have with the kids at the picnic would be to set up the water sprinkler and just run around underneath it with them. Well, that really was the best fun after all because it was so hot that day anyway! that day anyway!

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Dining out

Had a wonderful, quality time with hubby and our daughter this evening, we’re just arrived from dining out at the downtown; we really enjoyed the time, company and the bonding with each other. We ate to a very nice restaurant that satisfies our hunger. We ordered finger licking juicy chicken with unlimited rice with soft drinks and a very yummy whole buko halo-halo, French fries and bottled water for baby. 

It is very important to spend quality time with family this will strengthen the relationship and bond with each other. This will also give time for the couple to talk about future plans. This is what I like with my hubby coz he always value time importantly and find way to spend time with me even how busy he is. God really blesses me in many ways and that I am grateful and thankful. I owe this to God and God alone.

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RV repairs

We just came from a day tour with my family. Before we left the house we crossed check our car and we found out it needs some rv repairs. It was immediately fixed. It is really better to cross check always our cars before driving to be safe always and to avoid accidents. We enjoyed our tour and we came back home safe and sound.

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It is better to give than to receive.

What a wonderful feeling to receive a jackfruit from my aunt fresh from the tree. It’s been quite long time we didn’t receive anything from relatives and friends despite of we are keep giving. It’s not that I’m counting or expecting for a return but it’s just that I just feel how the people feel when they received what we gave. What a happy and nice feeling it is. We are happy and enjoying helping people especially when we see their smiles from their hearts upon receiving what we shared. It’s so nice to give and also nice to receive. But as what the saying goes “It is better to give than to receive.” We are fortunate enough that we have some blessing to share with than we are the one who is nothing and needing help. The rewards for the cheerful giver awaits in heaven..

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Gift for Success

How proud I am that my friend is now graduated in her study in Law. She just called me up invited me to join to celebrate with her joy and success. It is an honor for me. I will come and bring gift for her from law school graduation gifts. They have lots of beautiful gifts to choose from so for sure she will be happy with my gifts.

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Be sexy

I have lots of friends recognized the big changes of my body figure. They said that I am becoming sexy. My body was huge before and now is slim. The secret of it was I am doing some exercise and at the same time taking diet pills. It helped me reach my goal to become sexy faster and easier. I am thankful with the contribution of adapexin with this achievement of becoming healthy and sexy.

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I Do!

It was my cousin’s wedding. I get carried away when my cousin pronounced “I do” to her groom. What a romantic and solemn wedding it was though the weather was not that good. It was an honor for me to be a part of that special event. I was the one lighted the symbol of the unity of their hearts -the unity candle. We are very happy for both of them. Congratulations and best wishes to the new couple.

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On your Special Day!

One of the happiest moments of every student is the moment they will graduate. Parents are very proud and happy for the achievements they made. Almost everyone is celebrating the success or special occasion in the family. One thing to do when making a party is to invite everyone you know and of course you need announcement or invitation. When I graduated in college I made my graduation announcements from It was so nice and unique invitation. Everyone came and enjoyed the party.

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Ferocity of Nature

I was very sad upon watching the news on the television for our brothers and sister who were affected and a victim of the Davao City flush flood. Many died and some are missing. Thousands of family also lost their homes and houses swept by the strong water current. Limited drainage and creeks caused the water in the river to overflow plus the heavy rain. Garbage that stocked in the street or improperly disposed was also a contributory factor. Deforestation is the number one cause of flush flood. Many are cutting trees illegally in the mountains for whatever purposes so the water cannot be penetrated in the soil causing the land to collapse and it also the main cause of climate change because it releases huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere without the carbon absorbing trees. We cannot control the ferocity of nature if this will be abused and destroyed. It gives a big impact and destruction to humans as a result of our doings. 

After the incidence it was so good for there were many volunteers who helped for the restoration and flood damage cleaning Austin from the website on the flood victims. It’s not easy for the family to start again after this big tragedy in their lives so any help they could received is really enough to comfort them and sympathized them. The government also distributed some financial and food supply and provides temporary shelter during the victim's evacuation. Let’s plant trees, avoid burning of plastics in this little ways we can help reducing the global warming and let’s do something for the benefits of our mother nature.

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