Brand new car

It’s a new car! Finally, by God’s providence and by my sister’s endeavor we got a new car. My sister is working so hard abroad to assist our family and to buy a car she dreamed of and atlast she got it. Our family loves “out of town” trip and every time we went out we were just renting a car and so my sister decided to buy a brand new car. The car is so beautiful with a competitive rate car insurance package.

We went out for a thanksgiving party at the beach a day after we received it. It was so good to have fun in the beach during summer time. It was so refreshing and enjoyable one. And the best thing in it we saved money for we didn’t rent a car anymore which may cost us a lot. How thankful we are to our sister, she is so kindhearted, hardworking and a family oriented. She just wants the best for our family, for our happiness. The car is been so very useful to us. Now our family can go anywhere spend more precious time together anytime. Thanks God for the blessing to have a such wonderful family like ours.

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July 29, 2011 at 6:55 AM

I understand your happiness as our family have also lived rather long time without a car and it was awful. It's so complicated to be limited by public transport or friends' transport when you want to relax and travel somewhere. Now everything has changed. Congratulations!