Extraordinary experience

I can still remember my college days way back five years ago and the memories are still fresh in my mind. I really love to recall those memorable and extraordinary experiences I had in my hospital and community exposure. It has been said that experience is the best teacher, definitely true. We cannot learn if we are not expose to the real situation even if we have a lot of knowledge in theory. So much more for this, the area of exposure that really captures and leaved a mark on my heart is the Mental hospital duties. That experience was been very special to me. I am caring a patient who has no definite age; probably in the mid 30’s. We already made a special bonding between me and her in my 14 days duties. It is truly very hard to work with this kind of patients but very fulfilling and the feeling is different from those of normal people. Reality orientation is one of our duties in dealing with patients, we want them to be aware and go back to the reality. We teach them like we are teaching children how to take a bath, change clothes and many simple procedures. Some patients have not been visited by their loved ones and these worsen the patient’s conditions because of lack of support, they are neglected and forgotten just because of their situation. At the end of our duties we visited our patient house and met their parents, we did some counseling and advices that moral support is very essential in patient’s recovery. We also witnessed how hard their living was because of puberty. Some patients are just come and go to the mental hospital because of lack of compliance to medication due to limited resources to buy for the maintenance meds. 

One way of solving the family-patients issues is to provide counseling to help them opened and lightened up with advices. There is an easy way of counseling and one of many benefit from online counseling is that it offers very convenient and you can access into it even you are at home, a very hassle free especially for the patients. But for those who can’t do this way, the hospital has a counseling program specializes for the families to make them understand that their support and love is very vital for patient’s maximum recovery. We should not condemn any patients suffer for this kind of diseases instead stretching our hands for them without judging.

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