Ferocity of Nature

I was very sad upon watching the news on the television for our brothers and sister who were affected and a victim of the Davao City flush flood. Many died and some are missing. Thousands of family also lost their homes and houses swept by the strong water current. Limited drainage and creeks caused the water in the river to overflow plus the heavy rain. Garbage that stocked in the street or improperly disposed was also a contributory factor. Deforestation is the number one cause of flush flood. Many are cutting trees illegally in the mountains for whatever purposes so the water cannot be penetrated in the soil causing the land to collapse and it also the main cause of climate change because it releases huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere without the carbon absorbing trees. We cannot control the ferocity of nature if this will be abused and destroyed. It gives a big impact and destruction to humans as a result of our doings. 

After the incidence it was so good for there were many volunteers who helped for the restoration and flood damage cleaning Austin from the http://www.thesteamteam.com/ website on the flood victims. It’s not easy for the family to start again after this big tragedy in their lives so any help they could received is really enough to comfort them and sympathized them. The government also distributed some financial and food supply and provides temporary shelter during the victim's evacuation. Let’s plant trees, avoid burning of plastics in this little ways we can help reducing the global warming and let’s do something for the benefits of our mother nature.

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