Happy but sad

It is just like a mixed emotion upon hearing that my sister will soon leave for work in Singapore. I am happy because the long awaited moment of her has already arrived and I know she’s excited to take her new journey again in the other country. I am sad in the side knowing that we can’t have her for two years again, she will be away from us and most of all she can’t be able to attend my baby’s first birthday celebration. I just wished they will be present on that moment. The feeling was worsening more thinking that my other sister will be leaving also for work in Africa. They will leave this house empty and silent. I just don’t understand my feelings this time I should be happy for another opportunity of her to explore and work in a new way setting and I’m pretty sure this kind of work is the one she’s longing for also. 

We still have a less than ten days to be with them and we should take this time more enjoyable and worth remembering. I really hates goodbye moments it makes me teary eyed seeing them leaving. Good luck on your new journey Sisters, praying for both of you and your love life also.:) Have a safe trip.

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