Lake Burton Home

Author: Joyce Mccall

My Mom and Dad have dreamed for many years about having a second home at Lake Burton, within a couple of hours drive from their permanent home in Atlanta. This dream had always been out of their reach financially, as the homes there were ultra expensive. However, the real estate crash had put several properties on the market that seemed within their reach and they were finally able to fulfill their dream. It has been lots of fun to go to their lake house for a weekend, without having to drive for hours. They have graciously made it available for me and my friends whenever we want and we have accepted their offer. It was a little awkward at first, as there was no internet service to stay in touch with the outside world but I talked them into getting so now we can email, Facebook, etc. I feel very happy that Mom and Dad got the satisfaction of fulfilling their dream but I’m not exactly sad that it had some tangential advantages for me too!

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