Mix Emotions

My heart compressed & palpitated too fast when my employment agency informed me about my departure next week from the country to Singapore. I feel happy because I was waiting for it months ago but on the other hand there’s also a twitter feelings and loneliness coz I know life in abroad is not really easy and again I am leaving my family. I know I can surpass all again the hardships and loneliness but what makes me worry badly is that I am leaving my father not physically well.

Just today we got the findings of his medical test and what a heart breaking to know that his health condition is not good. The Doctor said that his lungs have few scratches already and also he has diabetes. Since in his teenager life he used to smoke and many times he had been confined to the hospital because of smoking. I just wish that he will be well very soon and that he will stop smoking for good. I can’t avoid not to worry about him. I pray that God will help and heal him very soon. I love my father; I love my family so much. They are the reason I venture to work to other country.

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