From five years of working abroad I got a break. I resigned on my previous job and now I am at home for four months just taking rest. I applied for a new job two months ago and thanked God I found one. I already have enough rest and wanted to start to work again but sad to know from my agency that I have to wait. The agency said that they are only waiting for the "go" signal of the employer coz so far from my batch that were hired too, still only four of us which employment pass has been approved and we have to wait until everybody gets approved. Oh my God, until how long it will take? As what I knew, some of the applicants during the interview don’t have a passport yet. But on the other hand it is a blessing in disguise for me that it will take a little bit longer for I want to be present in my niece 1st year birthday but I do hope Lord it will not take longer than in my niece birthday. I am already very eager to go and work. I need to work now.

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