Running around with the water sprinkler

Guest post written by Danny Winkler

There is nothing more fun in the world to me than playing around with my grandkids. There's nothing like grandkids to make you feel like you're a kid again. Lucky for us, our grandkids live right down the road from us so we get lots and lots of quality time with them. We hosted a 4th of July picnic for our family and our home.

But before then, we did a bunch of planning for it and while I was looking up some fun games that we could play with our kids. While we were doing that I ran across the site looked through it and decided that it was probably about time to actually get some hearing aids. I was talking to my wife about that not too long ago anyway, so I signed up for a hearing aid test through the site.

I decided that the most fun we could have with the kids at the picnic would be to set up the water sprinkler and just run around underneath it with them. Well, that really was the best fun after all because it was so hot that day anyway! that day anyway!

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