She's learning to walk

We are so happy and excited for our baby, who is learning to walk already. Can now be able to stand alone for a minute and soon will start to take a step. We really witnessed how she develops and shows improvement every day. We can’t wait to see her walking, another stage of her life in which she can explore more about the things in her environment and surroundings. It’s another responsibility for us also to look for her more because this time she’s getting more active and is prone to accidents.

How good to see our baby playing independently in the park using different playground equipment while we are sitting in the Park Benches watching her. This time we will go out for a picnic more often. We have known a very nice place perfect for a family which has some Picnic Tables and Adirondack chairs to accommodate us more. More waiting until our baby will reach to the point knowing that she has to walk everyday of her life.

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