Way back in my childhood days we were not used to go to the dentist for any teeth matters. Due to we were far away from the City and that we believed in a natural method and herbal medications we didn’t care dentist or science. Our parents were the dentist to our own selves. I still remember how my father pulled our very loose teeth with a thread and gave us vinegar to gurgle it to stop the bleeding. It worked in some other ways but we realized the danger of doing it, the tendency that would led to infection, severe bleeding or hemorrhage and any other complications if not properly done or if one’s health or condition needs doctor.

I am glad we moved to the City and as time goes by as we become mature and have enough education about health we started to trust science and technology. I admit we didn’t give that much attention on our teeth before until we started to get conscious with our physical appearance. It was little bit late when we consulted a Dentist. I already had toothache and some tooth problems. I am thankful for our family dentist who saved and taking care of our teeth right now from cleaning, to filling to tooth extraction. She made me have a beautiful & confident smile. Thank you Doc!

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