Stay on the line

I went to a grocery store to buy some stuff for my baby, since the one that we bought last week was already consumed. Upon entering the mall I noticed that they have made some changes and upgrades with the facilities and the services they are giving to the customers. It is so good to see the new setting, new arrangement of the mall. Sometimes we need to rearrange things to make it more attractive and new. They expanded the waiting area for the customers to pay for the cashier and secured a barricades to make people stay in the line orderly and peacefully. 

In the second floor I got a hard time carrying my grocery for it was so heavy because the baggage counter was transferred to the other entrance gate, so I had a long walk with my grocery in hand. They also put a stanchions and velvet rope to promote safety entrance for the customers while the guards check for the things before letting them to enter inside.

Waiting time can be very stressful especially when the environment didn’t cooperate and lack of facilities for crowd control. Almost all government establishments here in the Philippines because of the slow flow of transaction everyone needs to go early to be in the line earlier than the other. As good citizen we can’t do anything but to follow and obey the rule.

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