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If I am to asked what is my prayer that has not been answered it would be my wish that my father would stop smoking. Since I am very young this was already my ultimate prayer for my father. In the hope that he will avoid those things that gives nothing but bad health. There was one time that he was admitted to the hospital for lung related problem and that point he promised us and even to the doctor that he will stop smoking, we thought that’s the end of our agony but we were so disappointed 3 months later after he was discharged from the hospital, he returns back to smoke. All our effort to offer him candy, help him forget about it turns out useless. He even became a chain smoker and consumed 1 pack of cigarette a day.

It is so sad to see how our father’s body getting weaker and we noticed how his weight decreases. Now we earnestly find an alternative that would help him in his cigarette addiction. I came to read about Electronic Cigarettes in the internet and find it very interesting. It is so good for it gives lesser effect and very convenient to use. After I looked through it, I decided to purchase one for my father. This has been used by many people and will try it for my father also.

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