Website making

I got a website of my own when my sister told me to create a blog. Since then I started to love the things I hate before to write and taking pictures to everything that caught my eyes. At first I didn’t have any idea on it on how to get started and what I will do in it but my sister taught me and gave me free links so I will get an idea and can start to manage how to create blogs and to improves my website online. Right now I am enjoying it. 

I’m thankful with my sister for she taught and helped me a lot with my website. Now I know the terms, codes and etc. used in website. I got techniques and ideas on how to promote it. I & my sister are doing free link exchange to get a high rank and traffic on our websites and to build links which will get us connected with other websites or blog users. It is now our bonding moment spending time together while working on our websites.

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