Do the healthy lifestyle

We can achieve maximum health by doing a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise. Health is wealth as they said and definitely true. It is very hard to be sick it will paralyze all our work, steal our happiness and we feel hopeless with our lives. We cannot work well to feed our family if we don’t have a good health so it is very important to stay healthy. We are responsible with our own body on how we take good care of it. When we try to recall people in the old times, they lived longer compare to our time today maybe because of the kind of food they were eating.

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Doing review online

Being in this nursing profession I have already knowledge to some health related procedures. Aside of the great feeling knowing that I can help sick people gaining their strength back I also love doing my job. It is really my desire to help people who are in need. Nursing is really a noble course, you cannot survive being one if you don't have the courage and the heart to do the dirty things but gives big impact for the betterment of the patients.

Though I am already a registered nurse I still do a lot of review to keep me updated with the latest trend and upgrade in the field of healthcare. I landed in a website and read about breast augmentation before and after. It really gives me additional information about such procedure since I am exposed to the Operation room as volunteer. I assisted different kind of procedure and I found it very exciting and interesting. Upon seeing the photos online I can really differentiate the breast augmentation before and after. In this way women can be more confident with themselves and it is a part of essence being a woman. It is addition knowledge for me and will help me as I go through with my nursing profession.

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Problem with sagging

I noticed many changes in my body after getting pregnant and gave birth to my little one but not mean that I regret. Even I already lost my sexy body but I felt so fulfilled having a child in my younger years. I used to joined beauty contest before when I was still single but I’m saying goodbye to it after getting married. Not just because my hubby don’t allow me to join anymore but I really lost my thin and firm body. One thing that really annoyed me now is that my breast became sagged after breastfeeding, the nipple lost it's form and is pointing downward. Not only that they became uneven too. I am a right-handed so my right breast is a lot bigger than the other one. That would also mean that the right breast produces more milk compare to the left. I used the right most of the time. The law of demand and supply applied in this case.

In the US the Breast augmentation Miami is the good place to go if you have similar problem about breast.  This is the intimate way to correct any breast problem in terms of sagging, droopiness and position. I am still doing a lot of reviews before deciding to go on with this kind of procedure.

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Already had done

At last! The two very important events for this month already had done the back to back celebration or double celebration of my baby’s 1st birthday and dedication. I am so happy and felt so great. My thought about it already ended and now I can think better. We are thankful to God for answering our prayers and to the blessings He showered upon us. The most highlight of the said occasion was that we already dedicated our baby to God acknowledging that we not the owner of our baby but just a steward. Everybody enjoyed the party especially the children.

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Wear your best smile

‘Always greet the customer with smile’ is the line I always heard from my manager when I was working in a fast food chain as cashier many years ago. We are required to wear a smile every time when doing transaction with the customer even if we feel bad to those silly customers but we still need to smile to them. Smile is very important in dealing with people. It eases the pain. You can easily find friend if you are smiling. One familiar song in the radio tells, just smile your problem and don’t think it seriously. Our facial expression tells what’s inside us and definitely will reflect in our outside appearance.

We can make this if we have beautiful and nice teeth. How good to smile if we are confident with our teeth right? Proper dental care is indeed very important to maintain healthy teeth. It is the front liners that people may see to us. Make sure to visit your dentist and talk about dental interventions. We learned to take good care with our teeth realizing that it is very important to have perfect teeth. There are just unlucky people who are born with deformities in the teeth structure but worry not if you are one coz we have now orthodontist San Antonio Orthodontist who will make an intervention and will totally rearrange and correct all teeth and dental deformities.

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A friend's wedding

We just attended a wedding this afternoon and we really enjoyed the moment in witnessing the most special event of their lives as they are entering the married world. I am so excited for them. They are both stable and they are also blessed with many opportunities in life. They had a very nice wedding and nice reception. It was also a reunion for we were able to meet our long lost friend in the venue. Best wishes for the newly wed couple and may God continually bless them with overflowing blessing and happiness.

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Jobs for you

It is very hard to find a work if you have no experience yet or fresh graduate. If you can’t present a certificate of employment you will not be entertained. Based on my own experience, I got difficulty in finding a stable job. I got a job one time but only six month contract. It is so nice for there are many online job searches where each one can try to apply. They have also offer Network Architect Jobs for professional architects and engineers out there. Find you luck and be hired.

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Small to large

Just realized that by baby grows very fast when I bought her a diaper and she is already under in the large size. How time flies, before she’s still very small and just enough for the small size diaper. Her 1st birthday is 3 more days away and I am very much excited and the same time occupied with worries too. I don’t know why maybe this is just a normal feeling. Still working and preparing many things for my baby’s big day. Advance happy birthday Nak. I love you!

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Source of information

If we will try to see our world current situation today, we can say that the word peace is already very hard to spell for many countries are in chaos/war now because of one’s interest and misunderstanding between the government and the people. It is so sad to open the television and all I see is the worst happening of the world in the headline. If only love will reign and be in the heart of every human unity can be achieved and there will be peace and order. 

However, media plays very important roles in the lives of every people in delivering the current news and events of the world by radio, television or which either means. Likewise, it is also a good mode for entrainment where families are gathering together for the same purpose. It is a good source of information. In this way people can be aware and updated on what’s happening in and out of the country. They also open up the minds of the people by exposing the hidden agenda of a certain politics or graft and corruption in the government. I really salute the media men for their effort and dedication in bringing The World News in the air without thinking the risk.

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In times like this

The past 2 weeks, there were a couple of people that I know who went to see Jesus. I also heard about the status of our internet technician who were comatose last week and just this day we confirmed that he already passed away. It is very painful to loss a loved one. It is one of hardest process one can need to go through. It does not only affect us emotionally but also financially for the whole process.

In time like this, life insurance is really a must. When you still have no insurance yet, it is time to have one. You can check the advantage Insurance quote service. It is good if one has life insurance that will take care of everything and provide financial need in the future. If you are no longer covered by your parents’ health insurance? You can be sure that you will be living with ease and comfort knowing that you are insured whatever happens by getting an insurance plan. You can contact them if you have some further question.

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Life is too short

We were reminded again about life today. When my mom pay our monthly internet bill at the office she was informed that the one assigned to us in fixing up our internet connection every time there is a problem is now in the ICU and in comatose state of life. My mom can’t believe it because the last time he went to our house 2 months ago, he was still very active and in good health. When my mom arrived home she told us and I was really very sad and shocked for the news. The last time he fixed our internet connection, I remembered I offered him a glass of coffee with milk and a biscuit and he consumed it. This thought kept bouncing my mind and I can’t really believe it. He is a very good man and very gentle. We already knew him through his service and I can still remember him. That only signifies that we are not the owner of our life, in just one click He may take us. Life is too short to be wasted. Live a life that is pleasing to God; invest more on eternal because our earthly death is not yet the end. There is still life after death.

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Tighten your skin

They said money can change life. Maybe true in some aspects but not happiness and satisfaction. If we will try to see in the television, well known personalities looks so great and they don’t look with their age. That’s the power of high technology and have lots of funds for beautification. It is very important to enhance our looks too for it boast our self esteem and self confidence. My mom always complaining about her sagging muscle of the face due to aging and I suggested her to go for skin tightening to stretch out loses skin and promote younger looking face in a very convenient way without having a scar after.

This is my mom ultimate wish and we hope that we, children can contribute and can give our mom a treat in response to her unending support and sacrifices to us 7 children, raised us well and able to sent us to school and earned a degree. One way of pampering our mom in her old age and saying thank you for everything she had done for the family. This is just a small gift but it means a lot to her. Truly, mothers are the light of the home. The charisma is different without mom around and we can really feel it. She’s the best mother other would wish to have.

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Looks like the real one

Everyone desires to have a perfect body, bigger breast, small waist line and long leg but God didn’t give us all this things for no one is perfect. Even how beautiful or sexy we are still we have also some part that we wish to change, right? Maybe we are blessed with beauty but not with sexy body or fit and small waist line but not with fair breast. 

But there are already ways to make some body changes or any other procedure to enhance specific body parts like the Breast Prosthesis this look like exactly the same to the real breast.  This will just need more money, time and effort. You just need to be patient enough and better to think it again and again before deciding to go on with the procedure. Be sure to trust only to those registered and true practitioner with license to ensure safety. I heard in the news many times that there are lots of patients who were victimized with the fake products and the worst thing was it also damaged their body figure, in other words they give harm to their patients. This is considered as invasive procedure therefore it needs careful particularly to the one who will do the procedure.

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Far but near

We laughed at jokes that no one can understand, we defended each other and loved our own when others won't, there's so many funny stories to be recalled when we are together and we want to laugh out loud, right? Even others recognize us as sisters on the way we laugh..hehe I really missed my sisters Lotis, lourett, lorelee. We may be far away from each other but very near in our hearts. Praying for the safe travel of my two sisters today.

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Talk to your Dentist now

Many people are getting obsess about their looks and body figure. They focus more on how to maintain and have a sexy fit body but only few are conscious about their teeth or dental hygiene. Honestly I have known a lot of people who has some dental problem because they don’t pay attention with their teeth and the worst thing is it gives Halitosis in medical term which is very annoying and discouraging. Tartar and other teeth problem give a bad breath and some people are not aware that they have already halitosis.

As much as possible we will give more attention particularly with our teeth because it is the first one people see in us and also we cannot smile if we don’t have nice teeth. It’s one that gives beauty and attraction of a person. Now that we are grown old we became so conscious and particular with our teeth, we have a family dentist who taking care of our dental. Find the Best Dentist now and talk about your teeth. Tooth brushing three times a day will do to wash away bad elements that stayed in our teeth that somehow may cause dental carries and always the basic on how to avoid teeth and gum problems. Wear your perfect smile to everyone. Don’t hide your teeth.

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Your own choice

Good health is everyone’s responsibility. Being healthy is a choice. It really needs a lot of self discipline to follow good eating habits and lifestyle. It is very important not only to think about our present health but to think about the future. One good thing we can do this is to subscribe and choose your own doctor at integrated doctor mailing list. In this world there are a lot of uncertainties. We do not know when our health fails or what crisis we will be facing that will lead to disabilities. It will be so hard for everyone but there is reliable company that offers help to many people by providing the doctor email list and health care services all throughout the years. Being insured helps you a lot in feeling more secure when it comes to unknown things that might happen to you and your family in the future, especially when it comes to health matters. This will make your face less troubles in the future if you’re injured, or if you’re suddenly suffering from a serious ailment. You can be sure that your health is secured using the physician mailing list program and have the best physician of your own choice.

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A strong woman

My sister will again work abroad in another country. She is just waiting for her visa and some paper works at the agency. Wednesday is her tentative flight. As she started to pack up her things I am already missing her. I know she will be fine for God will be with her. I believe in her for she is a very strong woman with great determination. For now, she is in Manila and I wish to company her all the way to Singapore.

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My baby's stuff

Babies don’t have the capacity yet to control their urine so I always make sure to put urinary incontinence products or diaper to her especially when we will go for an important occasions to keep my baby dry, comfortable and not messy. As the time goes by they may learn to control over it with proper training and discipline. I realized that there is always a right time for everything.

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Home sweet home

Home is where heart of the family is. Home should be the best place we live in as it is said, “There is no place like home”. It should be a great place to rest and relax after the busy day at work. One of the aspects that need to focus on is orderliness and cleanliness of the house and carpet cleaning raleigh is specializes on this matter. It adds beauty and at the same time it makes the environment more attractive and a good venue for entertainment of the whole family.

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My baby's big day

I am so happy today for at last some of the necessary stuffs needed for my baby’s first birthday secured already so my mind is not that full thinking of those things. My baby’s gown and shoes already prepared plus some accessories. My sisters also already wrapped their gifts and made some giveaways for the children. I am just lacking one thing, I never have decided what to wear yet on that day and thinking of it makes me sick. :( I changed the venue of the celebration from the church to the hotel for less worry and work because everything will be shouldered by them. I am so very excited to witness my precious daughter as she turns 1.

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About moving

Moving can be difficult but there must be something that will make it easier. That is the main reason why idx websites was created to help you move and relocated with ease and less worry. They are transparent with all the services with reasonable prices they offer. Let them be your partner to be settled in your new place to live. Deciding to transfer is not that easy especially if you have already start up a business then you will have some adjustment again, we can't deny the fact that there is competition in business so it is very important to find the best moving place with the help of this company.

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Fabulous house

After being denied in her first try, finally my friend got approved by the embassy for her second try to enter Hawaii and be with her husband. I am so happy for her. They have three lovely kids, the two are twins. They are living there for good since her husband is a citizen and has worked there for many years. God has been so good in their lives. They have already invested many things as a product of their effort and sacrifices; they even owned a very nice house from the best Hawaii houses. One thing I learned in life. Before getting married, the couple should consider the importance of owning a house before settling down because base on my own experience it is quite difficult for the new couple to start with their own if they are still living with the parents.

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Thank you Lord for it was only a dream

I had a very traumatic dream last night that made me so sad. Thank you so much Lord for it was only a dream. I caught myself crying so loud and I don’t even imagine it all my life. It was all about my father. Oh God may your precious blood protect him from any danger and harm, touch his body with your powerful hands and heal him completely. Bless the medicine that he is taking now. Renew his strength and I still have one wish Lord. May he will use the rest of his life in your ministry Lord. Amen!

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Put the right label

I remember when I was still in my second year in nursing, the time we were trained for hospital exposure but the highlight was the capping and pinning celebration. We were all so very excited to wear our most awaited pins and nameplates which carry a lot of responsibilities too. Our school ordered it straight from Cebu so we made it sure we put the right Custom Label and spelling of our names to avoid delays. I am not comparing it but our pins differs from others, it looks so unique plus the outstanding design. Among many Custom Labels company they have chosen the best one to work for our official pin and nameplate. No doubt they served us with high quality work and the amount we paid is just enough for the services we received.

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