Doing review online

Being in this nursing profession I have already knowledge to some health related procedures. Aside of the great feeling knowing that I can help sick people gaining their strength back I also love doing my job. It is really my desire to help people who are in need. Nursing is really a noble course, you cannot survive being one if you don't have the courage and the heart to do the dirty things but gives big impact for the betterment of the patients.

Though I am already a registered nurse I still do a lot of review to keep me updated with the latest trend and upgrade in the field of healthcare. I landed in a website and read about breast augmentation before and after. It really gives me additional information about such procedure since I am exposed to the Operation room as volunteer. I assisted different kind of procedure and I found it very exciting and interesting. Upon seeing the photos online I can really differentiate the breast augmentation before and after. In this way women can be more confident with themselves and it is a part of essence being a woman. It is addition knowledge for me and will help me as I go through with my nursing profession.

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