Life is too short

We were reminded again about life today. When my mom pay our monthly internet bill at the office she was informed that the one assigned to us in fixing up our internet connection every time there is a problem is now in the ICU and in comatose state of life. My mom can’t believe it because the last time he went to our house 2 months ago, he was still very active and in good health. When my mom arrived home she told us and I was really very sad and shocked for the news. The last time he fixed our internet connection, I remembered I offered him a glass of coffee with milk and a biscuit and he consumed it. This thought kept bouncing my mind and I can’t really believe it. He is a very good man and very gentle. We already knew him through his service and I can still remember him. That only signifies that we are not the owner of our life, in just one click He may take us. Life is too short to be wasted. Live a life that is pleasing to God; invest more on eternal because our earthly death is not yet the end. There is still life after death.

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