Source of information

If we will try to see our world current situation today, we can say that the word peace is already very hard to spell for many countries are in chaos/war now because of one’s interest and misunderstanding between the government and the people. It is so sad to open the television and all I see is the worst happening of the world in the headline. If only love will reign and be in the heart of every human unity can be achieved and there will be peace and order. 

However, media plays very important roles in the lives of every people in delivering the current news and events of the world by radio, television or which either means. Likewise, it is also a good mode for entrainment where families are gathering together for the same purpose. It is a good source of information. In this way people can be aware and updated on what’s happening in and out of the country. They also open up the minds of the people by exposing the hidden agenda of a certain politics or graft and corruption in the government. I really salute the media men for their effort and dedication in bringing The World News in the air without thinking the risk.

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