Sudden change

It’s been a while that I did not write a post it’s because of a sudden change in one of the website that I am linked to but I accepted the change wholeheartedly though it caused so much effect on my income. I was worried and the same time feels so guilty I don’t why. I just hope that my previous posts are not the reason. I already emailed them and they replied. Now I am at ease. I am enjoying a long break  and more time to think of the things to write to better improve my writings.

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Maternity clothes

Once made a mistake before but so sad for doing the same mistake again this time. She got pregnant again with another guy. This is unimaginable and unexcused. She’s not helping herself rise up again after falling so high instead she’s letting her life to be miserable at times. She’s expected to give birth next months and even though her pregnancy is not acceptable to everybody I am still praying for her and I let her borrowed my maternity clothes which I kept for future pregnancy.

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Miss Universe 2011

The most awaited Miss Universe pageant was over. Miss Angola got the title and She's deserving because she is very beautiful and was the judges unanimous decision. But of course I am very proud to Ms Shamcey Supsup being in the third runner up. She is only showing that Filipina's are not only beautiful but embraced with knowledge too. She answered the question very quickly, direct to the point without having time to think of it. I am very proud to be Filipina!

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Reap what you sow

My father already retired from work. After 24 years of faithful service to an electric company he’s now resting at his own pace. He processed his retirement fee immediately and after a month he got what he deserved including the cd annuities. He bought a lot as investment. And now he’s enjoying planting fruits and other tress in his own lot. Many years from now he can already harvest what he sown.

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Pamper yourself

We want to pamper ourselves once in a while with a well- deserved vacation this coming December. My hubby will have their national convention where all employees all around Philippines will gather together at Tagaytay. All expenses will be shouldered by the company including the air fare. That would be a great opportunity for my hubby to step Manila and first time also to ride an airplane. That’s very exciting. We will also take the chance to go with him though we will be the one responsible for our own expense. At least one of us will be free. My mother also plans to go with us and we will stay in my auntie’s house. Just a short break for us to relax and have time together and make our Christmas vacation unforgettable

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Heavy noise

Our house is surrounded with many trees and very near to Banana Plantation for exportation so every morning we will be awakened by the noise of a plane giving fertilizers on the air. It’s like they are on our roof. They kept going back and forth which made our daughter trembles and will run near us every time she hears the very disturbing sound. The runway is just a walk away. This is our problem every morning but later on the day the place will be very calm and peaceful.

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Repair services

Our house is one of our treasures and great investments. It is everyone's desire to own a house. This is where we work for our dreams and It deserved to be taking cared of. After living with my parents for almost two years we are now living separately from them. It feels so great to have our own house. We can now really feel the essence of a married life. We've been to a lot of adjustments since there are many changes with the life we used to lived but we managed to deal with it.

Before in my parents house every time it'll rain so hard we always had problem with the gutter at the side of the house. It is not yet fixed due to we're not able to find the one who will work for it. The whole thing will rip off inside the house and fixing it every time is an additional load to us. As my father checked it and found out that there’s a big leaking and the gutter falling off causing the water to go inside the house. Mold started to appear also. All we need now is to get and call for help for mold repair in water damage Houston company to have it corrected,to end up our problem and agony every time it’ll rain. Thankful for there is a company that offers this kind of services to make work easier and faster.

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She texted us

We were comforted after receiving my sister text from South Sudan. We haven’t contacted her for many days due to very limited signal and she was on operation for the refugees there. At last we were able to keep in touch with her and knowing that she’s ok there by the help of God. Oh God let your wings be her protection. Keep her safe and sound Lord. Amen.

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Smoke gets in your lungs

I go to my parent’s house everyday to use the internet because I don't usually buy a load to my broadband so instead of reloading, I just use my parent’s unlimited internet access. When we were watching TV my mom said something that made me bothered till now. She said dad collapsed this afternoon while doing a small native house in his newly owned vacant lot. They were working under the sun so maybe that’s the cause of his collapse. According to my uncle who’s with him during the incident, he became so pale and suddenly lost his sense. But thank God he is ok now though I haven’t talk to him yet about what had happened due to limited time.

I just pray that everything with him is normal that no more other reason but the very hot weather. This is dad’s first time and I know something is wrong because he has a lung problem. We are really worried of father’s condition and we have only one ultimate prayer for him to stop smoking. A good friend of ours told us about Electronic Cigarette and upon seeing the website we find it very good and my sister will buy one when she will come home next year from the US. We are praying that this will end up father’s problem about smoking.

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My nursing uniforms

When I started packing up my things to move everything to our new house this one thing really caught my attention, upon seeing my nursing uniforms. And thinking when I can wear it again. I just love it and I got the very nice straightforwardness this website I remember a lot of experiences every time I see white uniforms. It was 4 years ago when I wore it for the last time. I have been to a lot of trainings and seminars but so sad for I never had a chance to be hired in the hospitals where I sent my applications and some other requirements. I don’t know if I didn’t qualify or maybe because I don’t have any connection inside.

Well, I am still waiting for my time. God is really good for putting things in order. I just realized why He never gives me work yet coz He wants me to take care of my baby who is 1 year old now. Everything happens is with a purpose. We can never see the purpose now yet but somehow later we can say thank you Lord for everything you have done. There’s a price in waiting.

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This is it

We are experiencing the true essence of family after we separated from our parents where we can now live and decide with our own. We are still adjusting in terms of budgeting, way of living and many other things that we never experienced when we’re with our parents for almost 2years. It is hard to stand with our own but we must to. One thing difficult for me to do now is cooking viand using charcoal. Since we don’t have a burner yet. By next month hopefully we won’t use charcoal anymore.

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Health for everyone

It was 3 years ago when I got my first job but good for six months only, at least! The President’s program which unemployed nurses are given a chance to serve the community and the same time receive a stipend to answer the problem of unemployment of the Philippines. I was very lucky for I was chosen to be one of the grantees of the said program. (Nurses Assigned in Rural Service). 

The whole six months course was divided to two. The first three months we were assigned at the Rural Hospital and the other 3months at the Municipal Health Office. It was a very challenging experience. Aside that it was my first experience we were also went to some of the remote places where health care facilities are inaccessible and beyond the reach of the local people in the mountainous area. So the health team came for them to give basic medical services for free like giving first aid, distributing treated mosquito nets and many more. We met different tribes and they were so happy. They are kind and live a very simple life. If only they can access and have more knowledge about health they won’t have many malnourished children. Unlike in the Urban where physician email lists is at hand and can call immediate help during emergency. The places that we’ve been through were very poor and no access with the government health program so it’s very obvious that the mortality rate in their places are high.

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Many thanks to you all

At last I got the Digital Printing of my baby’s birthday pictures in my hand now after waiting for two weeks. It’s worth the wait. I so love the pictures. It captures every moment as my baby turned 1. It is really a treasure to keep forever. 

I just want to thank everybody who helped in making the birthday celebration of my baby successful. Special thank to my Sister Lorelee for making the video of my pregnancy, labor and delivery. Everybody was touched and teary eyed after watching the video. It is really a nice documentation of my actual birth. To my sister Dailyn who made effort and made things ready a day before my baby’s big day. To sister Lourett for buying many stuff needed for the celebration and for the nice gift. To sister Lotis for giving me some financial assistance, the reason I was able to gave my baby a special party. To my dear parents both side for showing their supports. And to all who attended especially my relatives and the children who rendered a very nice presentation. Above all I thank the Lord for the life entrusted to us and for providing all our needs. I give back all the glory and Honor to Him.

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10th Birthday

Today is our adopted’s 10th birthday. We want to surprise her with a cake and ice cream later when hubby comes home. She even tells and boasts others that we will buy her a cake on her birthday. Maybe she haven’t experience any cake on her birthday before because of severe poverty but we just hope that we can make her happy on her birthday even in a very small way.

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I am a certified mother!

I was married two years ago and I am very proud of what I am now. I am now a certified mother of a 1 year old baby girl. God answered our deepest prayer. I conceived after 5 months of living together. It was one of the happiest moments of our lives as husband and wife when I was positive to a pregnancy test. We know deep in our minds that great responsibilities also await us in the near future. It was December 25 when we first discover that I’m expecting. The best Christmas gift ever received. 

Raising a baby is not really an easy task and I proved it myself. To become a parent is much harder. It is a very hard course which you will only learn if you become one. It needs a lot of patience and effort. I am very strict when talk about my baby’s nutrition. Breastfeeding is best for babies until 6 months or more. I already introduced solid foods and some organic products at 6months. I also make sure that the baby products that I used are safe for my baby. Baby’s safety is always my priorities. Babies also need Probiotics to help them in digestion and to boast their immune system so they can’t acquire diseases easily.

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The eve of All Saint's Day

I didn’t notice that we are now in the ‘ber’ months, how time flies! Christmas is in the air. The wind is blowing very cold and Christmas songs already in the radio. Christmas trees and lights started to set up. I already felt the spirit of Christmas and the true essence of it which is the good news that God died on cross for you and me. Indeed a time for loving, giving and forgiving one another. We should posses a Christ-like character. The light in us should not be hidden like city of a hill. 

But before Christmas, Halloween comes first and is approaching. It is a good time to have a party for adults and children most especially. Like Christmas they solicit candy and other door-to-door treats. Halloween costume party is always part of the celebration and is generally fall on the 31st of October, the eve of All Saints’ Day. An annual holiday observed. Have you chosen your costume? It really looks good to anyone who is wearing different kinds of comfy Plus Size Halloween Costumes. Treasure the experience of feeling and looking good with your favorite costume. This is only a rare opportunity so make sure you are wearing the best one that fir and soothes your taste.

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My companion

1.     My aunt once told me if I want a ten year old to live with us and can help me in some simple household task since her parents can’t feed them due to severe poverty. Her mom is currently 7 months old pregnant of sixth and her husband don’t have a permanent work and carpentry is the only source of income and he always got drunk and can’t provide for the need of the family. In the hope that her six children can go to school, she let them be in the other family so they can finish even in elementary. Though sometimes this girl got too wild, no discipline but I am thankful for she’s my company when my hubby goes to work, she helped me in looking for my baby. I can have more time for household work now.  We will send her to school this coming opening and we will also provide some of her personal needs.

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The solution is here!

We got disappointed when my father went back to smoke after 5days of trying to stop smoking because he was sick that made him decided to stop smoking. But to our surprise, he told us that he can’t control himself because of the odd feeling it gives to him. The urge to smoke is still there and he can’t help himself to combat over it. We really find a way on how to help our father with his smoking habit. He needs to stop doing it for his health is slowly deteriorating and was diagnosed with a lung problem and currently taking medication.

I am so glad I found and read a cigarrest review and I found this information very helpful and exactly the answer to my father’s problem. He has a will to stop but just can’t help the feelings. So I guess this would really help him to quit smoking naturally. We are sure there will be no cigarrest complaints because of its effectiveness. My sister in the US plan to buy this one when she will come home next year and this would be her gift to our father as he trying his best to quit smoking. We understand that after 25years of smoking, of course quitting is not that easy.

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Proper body mechanics

One thing I could remember during my college days when one of my professor emphasizes the importance of  body mechanics and proper positioning when doing a simple tasks everyday to avoid any sprain and back pain. We cannot work well if we have back pain which is very uncomfortable. When picking things on the floor be sure to bend your knees not your back before getting it to avoid any click that causes so much pain. I have already recovered from back pain after suffering it for months. One time I was getting stuff from a big box and because of excitement I directly bended my back instead of my knees and I heard a click and after that I cannot bend my back anymore. As much as possible always follow guidelines on how to avoid back pain in order to enjoy life more.

In the US they have facility in the Back Pain New Jersey that specializes in restoring and caring patients who suffered from back pain. They’re not only treating patients but educating them most importantly. Make them understand how back pain happened and how it works. Through that information they can be more careful and aware about their health. Tracing and knowing the anatomy of the spine helps patients to understand why back pain is common especially to those older one.

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August 31, 2011

1.      I have marked our calendar for the record purposes that this night is our first sleep here in our new house. I love the weather here, it’s very cold especially during at night. Since we are surrounded with green tress, it gives so much carbon dioxide for us to breath. It is like we are in the top of the mountain. How good to sleep knowing that it is our own and this is unforgettable. The first sleep to our newly built house.

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Pain, pain go away

We have a lot of pain receptors in our body that is why if we are hit or inflicted we feel pain produced by the nerve endings. Pain is really the number one reason why patient come to the hospital. They always wanted to put away the pain they are suffering. Each of us has different pain tolerance and pain threshold. The second reason is to prolong and save life. I am very privileged to be exposed in the hospital where I can appreciate more life and health by seeing those patients who are under in life-death situation. It is a heart crushing experience seeing patients in pain but thankful for there are many ways to regain back the patient's health. I am a nurse by profession but I have a desire to be a  Pain Management Specialist to serve the patients better with all my might.

The patients upon arriving in the hospital the Doctor will then ask the patient what and where the pain is originated and the history of onset and duration of the pain. Through asking this the doctor can diagnose what is possible problem patient is experiencing, depending on the laboratory results also. Patient will be asked to rate the pain using the pain scale where 10 is the highest number.

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