The eve of All Saint's Day

I didn’t notice that we are now in the ‘ber’ months, how time flies! Christmas is in the air. The wind is blowing very cold and Christmas songs already in the radio. Christmas trees and lights started to set up. I already felt the spirit of Christmas and the true essence of it which is the good news that God died on cross for you and me. Indeed a time for loving, giving and forgiving one another. We should posses a Christ-like character. The light in us should not be hidden like city of a hill. 

But before Christmas, Halloween comes first and is approaching. It is a good time to have a party for adults and children most especially. Like Christmas they solicit candy and other door-to-door treats. Halloween costume party is always part of the celebration and is generally fall on the 31st of October, the eve of All Saints’ Day. An annual holiday observed. Have you chosen your costume? It really looks good to anyone who is wearing different kinds of comfy Plus Size Halloween Costumes. Treasure the experience of feeling and looking good with your favorite costume. This is only a rare opportunity so make sure you are wearing the best one that fir and soothes your taste.

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