Health for everyone

It was 3 years ago when I got my first job but good for six months only, at least! The President’s program which unemployed nurses are given a chance to serve the community and the same time receive a stipend to answer the problem of unemployment of the Philippines. I was very lucky for I was chosen to be one of the grantees of the said program. (Nurses Assigned in Rural Service). 

The whole six months course was divided to two. The first three months we were assigned at the Rural Hospital and the other 3months at the Municipal Health Office. It was a very challenging experience. Aside that it was my first experience we were also went to some of the remote places where health care facilities are inaccessible and beyond the reach of the local people in the mountainous area. So the health team came for them to give basic medical services for free like giving first aid, distributing treated mosquito nets and many more. We met different tribes and they were so happy. They are kind and live a very simple life. If only they can access and have more knowledge about health they won’t have many malnourished children. Unlike in the Urban where physician email lists is at hand and can call immediate help during emergency. The places that we’ve been through were very poor and no access with the government health program so it’s very obvious that the mortality rate in their places are high.

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