I am a certified mother!

I was married two years ago and I am very proud of what I am now. I am now a certified mother of a 1 year old baby girl. God answered our deepest prayer. I conceived after 5 months of living together. It was one of the happiest moments of our lives as husband and wife when I was positive to a pregnancy test. We know deep in our minds that great responsibilities also await us in the near future. It was December 25 when we first discover that I’m expecting. The best Christmas gift ever received. 

Raising a baby is not really an easy task and I proved it myself. To become a parent is much harder. It is a very hard course which you will only learn if you become one. It needs a lot of patience and effort. I am very strict when talk about my baby’s nutrition. Breastfeeding is best for babies until 6 months or more. I already introduced solid foods and some organic products at 6months. I also make sure that the baby products that I used are safe for my baby. Baby’s safety is always my priorities. Babies also need Probiotics to help them in digestion and to boast their immune system so they can’t acquire diseases easily.

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