Pain, pain go away

We have a lot of pain receptors in our body that is why if we are hit or inflicted we feel pain produced by the nerve endings. Pain is really the number one reason why patient come to the hospital. They always wanted to put away the pain they are suffering. Each of us has different pain tolerance and pain threshold. The second reason is to prolong and save life. I am very privileged to be exposed in the hospital where I can appreciate more life and health by seeing those patients who are under in life-death situation. It is a heart crushing experience seeing patients in pain but thankful for there are many ways to regain back the patient's health. I am a nurse by profession but I have a desire to be a  Pain Management Specialist to serve the patients better with all my might.

The patients upon arriving in the hospital the Doctor will then ask the patient what and where the pain is originated and the history of onset and duration of the pain. Through asking this the doctor can diagnose what is possible problem patient is experiencing, depending on the laboratory results also. Patient will be asked to rate the pain using the pain scale where 10 is the highest number.

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