Proper body mechanics

One thing I could remember during my college days when one of my professor emphasizes the importance of  body mechanics and proper positioning when doing a simple tasks everyday to avoid any sprain and back pain. We cannot work well if we have back pain which is very uncomfortable. When picking things on the floor be sure to bend your knees not your back before getting it to avoid any click that causes so much pain. I have already recovered from back pain after suffering it for months. One time I was getting stuff from a big box and because of excitement I directly bended my back instead of my knees and I heard a click and after that I cannot bend my back anymore. As much as possible always follow guidelines on how to avoid back pain in order to enjoy life more.

In the US they have facility in the Back Pain New Jersey that specializes in restoring and caring patients who suffered from back pain. They’re not only treating patients but educating them most importantly. Make them understand how back pain happened and how it works. Through that information they can be more careful and aware about their health. Tracing and knowing the anatomy of the spine helps patients to understand why back pain is common especially to those older one.

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