Smoke gets in your lungs

I go to my parent’s house everyday to use the internet because I don't usually buy a load to my broadband so instead of reloading, I just use my parent’s unlimited internet access. When we were watching TV my mom said something that made me bothered till now. She said dad collapsed this afternoon while doing a small native house in his newly owned vacant lot. They were working under the sun so maybe that’s the cause of his collapse. According to my uncle who’s with him during the incident, he became so pale and suddenly lost his sense. But thank God he is ok now though I haven’t talk to him yet about what had happened due to limited time.

I just pray that everything with him is normal that no more other reason but the very hot weather. This is dad’s first time and I know something is wrong because he has a lung problem. We are really worried of father’s condition and we have only one ultimate prayer for him to stop smoking. A good friend of ours told us about Electronic Cigarette and upon seeing the website we find it very good and my sister will buy one when she will come home next year from the US. We are praying that this will end up father’s problem about smoking.

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