Activities in the ward

During our first day of exposure in the Pedia Department we were oriented with the rules and regulations through reading the manual and thru the instruction of the head nurse and made some tour to familiarize the area though It was not my first time because I had my internship and three month training at DRH four years ago. We were observing and the same time we are learning. In the next day of duty we started to work our job. Medicating, charting and carry out Doctor’s order but with staff supervision. Bed side care done and health teaching rendered to the mothers and watchers. I did some skin testing if the patient is allergy or not to the antibiotic prior giving the meds. PPD test also was done to one of my patients. Before leaving the area IV insertion is common because children are prone for phlebitis and infiltration due to their uncontrolled movements. We did health teachings to all patient’s and watcher everyday such as good personal hygiene, oral care and cleaning of nipple before breastfeeding. Bed side care done also to keep the area clean and in order thus making the place conducive for health.

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