Never expect too much

I was really very disappointed with everything from the time we entered at the emergency area on how the staff were treating us. They were very unfriendly and not accommodating. My disappointed arises when we reached to the hospital ward. We were put in the room with congested old patients, how come they put us there in fact our patient is a pedia. I went to the nurses station and clarified and complained for transfer of room. Even the nurses never had an idea why the nursing aid put us there. so we transferred to the Pedia care room with our own, carry our own bedding and everything. The room was very hot and dirty plus the smell was really very painful to the nose and comfort room is like..omg can't describe it. We were 6 patient in the room, with 1 adult patient with us. The noise was really adding to the very hot environment. The nurses in the nurses station busy chatting with each other and some are watching TV. I am just too observant or because I am also a nurse and demanding for a quality of care from them?. Well, one thing I learned never expect too much and always lower down expectations in order not to be disappointed much. I also understood and realized because of the large number of patients quality care is not possible to achieve.

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