Family reunion

Two years ago we had a whole family reunion and we chose Singapore as a venue because one of my sisters abroad is working there. We went to Sentosa Island where Universal studio is very famous, the cable cars, the rides, the spots, of course the beautiful seashores that surround the Island. I remember when I and my daughter having a good time and opportunity to roam around without the knowledge of our comrades. We went to the bay and enjoyed swimming until we didn’t noticed that it was already time for lunch and my brothers and sisters were so worried finding us. It was a very nice experience, a joy that cannot be bought with money and really very fulfilling. We spent seven days there.

Last year, another blessing from God and another opportunity for the family to travel abroad and the same
family members but with aunt this time; we went to Hong Kong and stayed at Oasis Hotel. Our first tour was at the Ocean Park, there, was so amazing, the rides were almost the same with Universal studio in Singapore but their cable car was so high and very far, at the top we can see the view of Hong Kong and the mountains surrounds the city. We have also city tour of which the most attracting was the city of stars where we can see the statue of Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Jet Li and many more. Some of the places of the city tour is not that attracting. One of the main highlights in Hong Kong is Disney Land, there you can feel of being a child, most of the attractions are for children that’s why my baby was so happy roaming around the place. We went to Shenzen China also but our tour and time was very limited. The most attractive place in Shenzen is the Window of the World. Thanks God for these wonderful trips.

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