Is this real?

Problems, trials, and any circumstances oftentimes experienced by many and most are Christians. Why? What does it mean? is it part of our life? Why God allow these things to happen while we consider our selves as His children. Does God cares for us? is this real? These are the questions I received while doing Gods ministry in the area. Only I can say and comment is from the bible itself. In Romans 8:28 say " And we know that in all things God work together for good, to them that loved God, to them who are the called for His purpose". God works to our life even the saddest part of our life, He allow all things happened for a purpose, He let this situation experienced by us so we may know how faithful we are and how big is our faith and trust toward Him. God also let experienced to be happy for us to appreciate and offer thanksgiving to Him and exalt Him above all.

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