Arrived safe and sound

Thank God they arrived at the venue safe and sound after 26 hours of bus ride from here to Zambuanga City. They had a very nice travel and only few passengers are with them in their long travel. Good thing that they don't have any problem when it comes to travel, not like me, I usually vomit and feel dizzy especially it is a long distance travel. 

                  Praise God after all the heartaches and regret that I felt after they were left by the aircraft after not being able to check in on time, the check in counter was already closed when they arrived at the airport. We really thought that their flight was 2pm in the afternoon only to find out it was 12:30pm. My heart was crushed and  thought about the hard earned money I paid for the tickets, but I don't have the choice but to accept it. I know I am one to be blamed by not looking at the tickets carefully! Glad to know that they can use their return tickets still.

Thank God they were still able to catch up with the event and arrived safe though they were a little bit late. A lesson learned for us and promise will not gonna have the same mistake again. 

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