All are available if needed

I've realized and convinced God's workmanship in my life and I knew He's there to use  me. For how my times I tried to escaped from His calling yet time and circumstances used by Him to put me back to where He wanted me to be. As a worker in Galilee, I knew we undergone a lot of problems and circumstances but I noticed every time I surrendered and allow Him to work through me miracles and His interventions always there. Such time we decided to have a dawn watch prayer every Saturday morning it will start at four in the morning and end at five. First we spent much time in singing while worshiping God in spirit and in truth then spent a lot of time in prayer for every ones concern. We knew so much time for prayer we spent will result to so much power in life. Lately while singing at the church for our dawn watch a guitar string was cut and I hardly followed the singers and should have to replace for a new one but it wasn't complete, later I realized because every time the strings cut we just bought for a piece of spring soughed for the guitar and not the whole sets, so I thought much better if I should buy for complete set of 7 string electric guitar so every time this trouble may occur strings are available in any numbers.   

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