What harmonica should I buy?

Music has been a part of our lives, we often listen to it for relaxation, fun and we like to listen to it when we are down and seems no one care about us, music is there to help us divert our attention and be encouraged by the lyrics of the songs we hear. I cant imagine life without music, it makes our life feel lighter, right? I am proud to say that my family are all music lover and can play different music producing instruments. My little brother is a very good in playing it all, in fact my father built him a music room for him to play whenever he likes. It is my long time dream to gift him a harmonica but I got a hard time deciding what harmonica should i buy? that would really fit to him. Well, I guess after viewing the sites, it gives me lots of information especially in choosing and buying high quality products from their trusted site online. I just wish I can make him happy and would encourage my little bro to go deeper in his passion in music industry.

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