Are you ready for the long holiday?

It's 63days before Christmas! Are you ready for the long holiday? Everyone is excited for sure for Christmas, aside from Christmas bonus and 13th month pay that every employee will be receiving from respected employer, Christmas is one of the happiest time of the year ever because this time most of the families are together to celebrate it aside from those love ones who are abroad! This time also children are enjoying the caroling and they will be very happy to receive even a single coin to the family they are singing, well, they are supposed to give but the tradition is different. Christmas wont be complete without hearing these children having caroling in your house or in your neighbor, so have your single coin ready!:)

The most exciting part of the celebration is the salo-salo or Notche Buena where all of the family member wakes up, eat and pray together @ exactly 12 midnight to welcome Christmas day! Are your round table ready for the delicious foods that will be served on that day? Did you find a perfect - 108 Spun Poly Tablecloth that will add more attraction on your table? Make this occasion memorable and special by having the best decorations because this will only happens once a year so make sure to give your best! Don't forget to have regular exercise specially this month where there are a lots of parties and foods of course, make some way to burn what you have eaten, watch out for your blood pressure this time:)

We will be going to miss mom and dad on Christmas day, its their first time to be away from us, but thanks to technology we can connect to them anytime, anywhere! Everyone is now very excited to the Christmas season, the wind is now getting cold,I can hear Christmas songs everywhere, really Christmas is approaching!  hope we will not forget the true meaning of Christmas, that God gave His only son Jesus Christ, died on the cross for you and me and our response is repent, accept and believe Him as our Savior and that way we can be saved. Advance Merry Christmas to all!

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