My Pregnancy journey (12th week)

Ido experienced a lot of pregnancy related discomforts such as all day sickness, fatigue, frequent urination, the feeling of full bladder is not an easy problem and that feeling of being nauseated after you have eaten your craved foods is the worst,but well, this is all normal for expectant mothers but of course every pregnancy is unique, some are true to others some are not. I can say that it's all part of the package God designed because after you gave birth, you amazingly forget them all and what you feel is indescribable especially when you touch and see your baby for the first time, the best feeling of being a mom! I am now on the 12th weeks and still counting! honestly I feel emotionally down for no reason, I just don't know, I am worried for nothing. Hubby told me not to worry for anything because its not good for me and the baby but I can't control my feeling. The worst thing was when I was thinking if am I  really pregnant? lol! Of course I am, I saw my baby in the monitor during my visit with my OB, it was just a weird feeling that I know will be gone soon, maybe I am still in the denial stage! 

 My belly this time is started to show and weight gain is noticeable to those who knew me. I am now having difficulty choosing clothes that fit to me since some of my clothes are small and I don't need them anymore! I need new sets of maternity clothes. I need to find dresses with similar color to our prescribed office uniforms and its difficult to find light blue and green ups. I hope I can find some to end my problem about uniforms.

I make sure to enjoy every details and experience during my pregnancy because this will not last long, and it gives me lots of! I missed that special treatment for pregnant women people are giving, no need to fall in line, someone will offer you a seat in a bus or train and a lot more! The most rewarding job because for sure after 9 months you can have your priceless treasure to have your baby with you.

I am always praising God for the perfect masterpiece, I cannot fathom! From the time of conception, the making of baby's body parts weeks by weeks is amazing! Everyone is unique and  wonderfully made! Thank you God for the opportunity to carry your masterpiece inside me. Thank you for blessing us this baby and for answering our prayers! I know You are with me everyday as I go on with my day to day encounter with these so called life! I entrust to you everything! In Jesus name! Amen!

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