A Mother's love

They said, you can never have an idea how it is to become a mother until you become one. Yes, it is indeed very true. I love being a mother to my two daughter and I will do everything for them though its hard at times but God design mother's love that is willing to endure, sacrifice and love with no limit. 

In my eyes they the most beautiful even if others not. It is so just frustrating to hear bad comments from others saying my babies are not good looking but I don't mind them. I.just pray to God to help me molding my daughter's lives and help to become a good mother for them. It is not easy to become a mother and a wife in the same time.

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Best buy ever

I really love to buy stuff that are on sale or I like to go on secondhand shops where lots of products are on half or more than the original price yet it is still good as new. When we went to Singapore last February there we bought a very durable and good baby bounet which my baby is using now, she like it very much. I'll put her on there when she gets sleep so she can have a long interrupted rest. She got easily disturbed when she's on bed so I find it very helpful to me as a mother. I consider it as my best buy ever. You can find it there also different kinds of home appliances and musical instruments like vintage guitars for sale and a lot more. I want to buy a lot of stuff but its hard for me as a tourist since my baggage allowance is just limited. When I have an opportunity again to go to Singapore I want to again on that store to buy things for my little home.

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