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Time flies so fast! I'm getting older that means my parents are getting older too! I am always worried about them! I don't know maybe because of their health issues! There are times when I have the chance to look at them, physical changes is already visible that they are getting old. I witnessed how they worked hard in their younger years just to raise us and provides us a good education! For me, they are our heroes! They are the reason why we exist but if course they are only instruments but God is the life giver! I am most afraid of the word death, yes I am! I know God holds our lives and chose no age but I am afraid that might cone into our family! I always pray that God would give us and enjoy long life! I promised to myself that I will do everything to please or make my parents happy and give them what they need but sometimes I failed to do so because I also address my own family needs. For now I am the only one working, though hubby helped me in taking care of our children. We got out of budget sometimes! But God is good for He never fail to provides our needs and everything will come in the right time! I got too emotional today! I think a lot of things in life! I know it is not good to worry about anything because God is in control of everything but because human as we are we are subject to worry when things aren't fall as it should be! Well, I think I have a lot if drama here! he he

I am thinking about what to give my parents, no special occasions, I just want to make them happy! I'm glad I landed to Groupon goods! I got an great idea! I plan to buy mom a cellphone of course with casing! Lately mom's cellphone surrendered and she always said she needs a new one. We used to have a group chat in social media and now we only seldom to talk with her online because of cellphone issue but she uses dad's phone sometimes! In this way I can make them happy because we don't Know what will happen next day, month or year. How about you? Have you think about your parents? Make them happy buy giving them something in groupon. Enjoy surfing and shopping!

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