Gardening time with OFF lotion!

As a mother of these two very active cute girls is sometimes hard but very rewarding and fulfilling! I may not give them the time that they need because of my work demand but I always make sure to provide them all that they need! Number 1 in my list is the off lotion. I always remind the nanny not to miss applying off lotion to them when I am at work because I cannot afford to see them get sick! Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases is rampant nowadays and I don't want my kids to be a victim of these deadly diseases! Thanks to off lotion for protecting my kids from mosquito bites! I am at ease knowing that they are protected from any mosquito and  insect bites! Aside from cleaning the surrounding and destroying the habitat where mosquitoes are multiplying and laying their eggs, I always make sure to have off lotion at hand! In these way I can be of  good mother to them by providing them safety measures and of course I spent my day offs to the most important persons in my life and that is my Family.

Gardening is one of the hobby that I and my daughter are enjoying doing together. The Ate is already helping me in my garden like pulling grasses and help me maintaining it clean and beautiful. The baby is there just to give us a smile to keep us going! They are God's blessing!

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A perfect place for Online Shopping

Disclaimer; This is a sponsored post, All opinions are 100% mine.

It's few days more to go to Christmas and everybody is getting busy doing different stuffs like buying gifts and what food to prepare during Christmas eve! Some are go shopping earlier to avoid the Christmas rush! One thing I don't like shopping in the mall is that you consume time to wait for your turn in the counter to pay and I hate it, the lane is very long but you don't have a choice. It waste my precious time! I chose now to shop online, a lot of advantages for me as a working mom. I don't need to allot more time and it's very effortless way of shopping! I admit, I already used to order online even for my baby's diapers at, and for my dad's daily consumption of wine! Now, I have an idea where to buy wine as my gift to my ever hardworking father, no other than at! Now, I'll let him choose what wine he wants.

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