Shopping pa more!

I admit, I became addicted to online shopping! Its very convenient for me and hassle free! I am very busy with my work and I prefer to shop online because it saves my time! I always love to avail promos and wwbw coupon code including shipping free fee too if the order meets the minimum amount. I see a lot of discounts compare to the mall especially for baby's stuffs like dipaers and the like. It is always nice to shop online but I should take into consideration about the budget. I should know how to prioritize my family's needs. For the meantime, I should take it slowly.  

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OPPO F1s: Day In The Life

Being a working mom like me is sometimes very hard however I never use this as an alibi that I cannot function well as a mother of two cute Lil girls. I am doing the same routine everyday and I am used to it. When I wake up in the morning, I also wake up my student so I can bathe her with me. Its so hard to wake her up and that’s gives me stress. While we are in the shower hubby also prepare our breakfast so when we are up we then take our breakfast together while hubby attend to our 8months old baby! After we have eaten our breakfast, I’ll iron my student's uniform and my office uniform too! After dressing up my student, I will now bathe my 8months old baby while daddy is preparing the school bag! Well, this is what’s happening in our house everyday! We are doing the same thing everyday! We are in hurry so that we wont be late in a class and in my work! being a mother is the hardest job on earth yet very fulfilling and rewarding!

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Though I am doing the same thing everyday I never get tired and I am enjoying it. There were just time when I will get exhausted with work that hinder me to have more time for my kids. When I get home from work, I will hit the bed and rest! I’m glad hubby is always there to look after our kids. 

During my day offs I'll make sure to spend my time with my girls! One of the hobby that me and my kids are enjoying is to get selfies out of my phone! For me time being with my kids is the most well spent time on earth! We can buy anything but we cannot buy memories and we cannot rewined the time! I can do these if I can have the phone of my dream. One of the 1 OPPO F1s Feature that I so love because it helps me savoring the time being with my kiddos is the 16MP front camera! Nothing is more important than to create a memories by taking pictures with love ones! It is just so funny that my daughters are used to have selfies especially when they got my phone without my knowing! 

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We have so much fun last month, jamming around the city and the requests are many. As a musician, from October down to December, are the months were we are busy. My brother our Bass guitarist bought lo rider string set as his preparation. I also prepared my extra sticks as a drummer. This is the only time that we can have an extra income aside from our regular works. I knew it’s tiresome but was having fun for it. I hope 2017 will give us more exciting, productive life and more blessing to come.

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