International Classification of Diseases (ICD)Training for Coders!

I am loving and enjoying my work now, but I do not limit to that point only. I always love to grab any opportunity that would enhance professional growth. I decided to go on training! Though the training fee is high I never mind it as long I will know about that particular training. At my own expense, I pursue my desire to be one of the International Classification of the Disease (ICD-10) coding Training for clinical coders. The training sounds very interesting to me though I have a little background about it, I want to know deeper. Despite the feelings that I have been experiencing these days brought by my early pregnancy like being nauseous, hyperacidity, dizziness, lack of sleep or inability to sleep my normal sleep pattern, I survived the 5days hard but full of learning experiences. As what I have been expecting that this is not just simple training, but one needs to take it very seriously because to be a good coder you need to be very careful, keen observer and has a background about anatomy and physiology of human body. It helps a lot. I think that is my edge to my other co-trainees though half of the group is in the medical field already.

We just had our Graduation ceremony and giving of certificates. To my surprise, I am the top achiever of the group. I can't believe it, for me, this is already an achievement! To be Included in the top 10 among 39 aspiring clinical coders. Hooray! I think I deserved it! I studied a lot and aiming to get the bacon home..haha! I am also sad at the same time because there were trainees that never went through or in other words, failed the training! I know how they feel being the one sent by their employers for free but expecting a lot from them in return. Some said that they signed a contract that if they failed they will pay half of the training fee. Huhu!

To sum up my experiences during the training was very fulfilling and had fun at the same time. Gain new friends and create good teamwork. Congratulations to all of Feb 27- Mar 3, 2017 batch trainees of ICD tenth edition training for coders.

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