My Journey to Ailee’s Birth

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in a hospital where I can avail health benefits as well as my dependents and my parents, without paying a single peso in the bill when discharge. It includes giving birth in the hospital, but I decided to have a home birth instead. Some people were asking/questioning me why I decided to do so knowing that I already knew the risks. The following are my reasons;

First, I am confident enough that my sister who is a licensed nurse midwife will be the one to assist me in my delivery. A dream come true. She had been assisting thousands of pregnant mothers already here in the Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Africa. She was dealing with many difficult and high-risk patients so I guess handling me is just easy for her.

Second, We have also midwife friends who will be assisting too, and that gave us more confidence.

Third, I have a complete paraphernalia/things needed for my delivery that includes the newborn care, immunizations and even ambu bag for resuscitation in case of medical emergency. Ambulance vehicle will be on standby in case of emergency.

Forth, I had a complete prenatal checkup with an OB consultant and in the maternity clinic. I made sure that I have normal results in all my labs and ultrasound.  Everything was normal except for my UTI that it took a while to treat.

Lastly, The comfort of giving birth at home is amazing There are no restrictions on how family members or friends that can be present. You can eat or drink as you wish before delivery. You can walk around freely. You can choose the delivery position that's right for you.

Let me share with you my second home-birth experience. I am not encouraging pregnant to do the same. Hospital delivery is advisable. I will give you a glimpse of my successful home delivery.

I am on my 38th and two days, and at around three o’clocks in the afternoon I noticed a small bloody show in my undies I immediately told my sister because it signifies that I am in an early stage of labor. To make sure that everything is normal, I went to an Ob-Gyn doctor with my other sister for evaluation and last ultrasound. I was 3-4cm then, and everything was normal only my water started to get low and that I should give birth as soon as possible. I started to feel pain but still very tolerable. My sister already prepared everything and the setting where I will give birth a week before my big day.
A pose with my sister. Thank you, sis, for the love and care! 'peace' even though I’m in pain.
I was 4-5cm this time

Such a sweet little Ate, she always hugs and kisses my tummy whenever she has a chance.
My sister, my nurse/midwife is always by my side throughout my labor to monitor me and my baby. 

I did squatting exercises in our terrace! my kiddos were there for me throughout my labor and delivery. 

I do squatting and other exercises on our terrace to help my labor progress faster. 

That moment na you're about to give up and become hopeless because of the pain? Pero life must go on! kaya natin to anak! This photo was taken around 11pm and I was 7-8cm. Pain escalated already my scale was 8 from 1-10.

Hallelujah! @ 1:19am October 10, 2017, I gave birth to my third child Ailee Gynelle. The pain during the transition was intolerable and unbearable. Thank God I made it. I only gave my one very strong push and Ailee came out. Just never mind my shout! 'Mura juwg baka! haha

After I got stable, It's time for newborn care and newborn exam. While I was having my rest, Ate did the exam and sole tracing. 
Oh, she got that one seat apart digits from me! haha

That small wheel completes her BCG immunization. 

Ailee's first bath! with the super Ate Gyndy who can't wait to carry her small little sister.

First of all, I thank the Lord Almighty for making this birth a successful one. I cannot make it without Him giving me strength and endurance. To my sister, my hero for giving her 100% energy, her tender love, and care, her touch soothes the pain and for assuring that everything will be okay. Salamat kaayo te sa memorable experience with you as my nurse midwife and I am the spoiled patient. Thank you also Ate Susan, Ate Elsa, and Ate Ermie and Aya for your all-out support throughout my pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven-- A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.…"
 Ecclesiastes 3:1

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