An Introspection for a Balanced Lifestyle

In today’ society, I wonder how many people give credence to the importance and benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In my early 30’s, I feel like I’ve lost the sense of work-life balance. I feel like I’m moving yet, I’m not getting anywhere. I’ve confused motion with progress. Heaps of workload and deadlines keep on coming. I was consumed of how to get the things in my never-ending to-do list done.Just like most of us are, we make too many excuses because we believe we’ve got so much on. That sometimes leads to procrastination or ending up not doing the things that are important for ourselves because we’re too occupied of the present. This left me in deep thought how the culture of being busy becomes a trend nowadays.

We sure have different purpose, goals, and priorities in life. We even have different frustrations, failures, and stresses in life. Finding balance may be a bit challenging, maintaining it is quite a different story. But life is very much of a balancing act.As Stephen Covey once said, the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.No matter how complex our lives would be, we must not forget that it is our responsibility to be well and healthy. Since we all have diverse mechanisms on how to deal with different aspects of our lives, we just need to find one that suits our lifestyle. Let us find time to reflect and introspect which areas are taking too much energy and try to put them into perspective in a way that would be beneficial to us.

Let us be reminded that more than anyone else, we have full control over our lives. Not just a balanced lifestyle increases life expectancy, it also brings us contentment and happiness.There’s truth in this cliché, “never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”Imagine how many more years do you have left in this world. It's pointless to exhaust all your energy for the things you want in the future when you have no one to spend it with when that time comes. Because you are too depleted building up your career that you give less or no time with your loved ones. I don’t want to regret in my later years of having experience the paradox of life. Enjoy life while you still can and most importantly, live a life with purpose.

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Lime Crime Acquired By Company That Sees True Value In Beauty

Vision is important when it comes to business ventures. Really great companies are often the work of a single visionary with the determination to bring an ideal to life. Many companies begin simply with a few ideas that the founder believes in with great passion. When a single person can translate their passion into reality and find others who share that desire, the result is typically a chance at huge success. Such is the case with Lime Crime. Like many other companies, it is about bringing a vision to life. The world of beauty is the hallmark of this company and it shows in everything they bring to their happy market of many fans across the globe. The company illustrates that success can come to life with certain qualities. People who are willing to work hard, choose a new way of seeing the world and provide value for the money are those who can help any company grow. 

Bringing Beauty to Life 

Many women today are conscious of their own beauty routine. They look for ways to help themselves feel more beautiful. One way to do so is by using proven beauty products. This is why so Lime Crime has made so many fans over the years. The company has a vision that sees true value in beauty. Staffers here share the viewpoint of their clients. They are also on a journey to find beauty in life and find it the makeup they use. The products they offer to their client base are about showing that it is possible to find beauty in unexpected places. It's also about showing that everyone can share in the possibility of beauty in their own lives. When people buy their products, they're not just purchasing items. They're also participating in a much larger process that seeks to find beauty and marvel in its power. 

Help From Financing 

While having a vision and being able to work hard are increasingly important, all companies need to take another step. That step is to find working capital. Working capital is crucial for companies like Lime Crime. The use of working capital allows staffers to continue their process of experimentation and exploration. Working capital means that staffers here are free to spend time exploring their own personal inner creative soul. It also means that they can reach out to clients and see what motivates them. This is one of many reasons why those at Tengram Capital Partners have decided it makes financial sense for them to acquire a majority share in the company. They see true value in the company's overriding vision of the world of beauty. As a unique brand personality, Tengram Capital sees tremendous potential for amazing growth right here. 

Value For Customers 

Value for customers means that every one of their clients knows they can turn to the company to find something they like. The company's staffers are always on the lookout for ways to continue offer products that meet a client's needs. Fans know they can head to the company's site and discover new ideas about how to greet the world. They can not only anticipate trends but also help find ways to set them. This is in part why they have seen such an infusion of capital from Tengram. The capital provider sees value here just like their many clients. They believe that the company can continue to move forward with a vision in mind at all times. With this latest capital move, it offers a partnership that is mutually beneficial. The company benefits and so the company's clients and those at Tengram.

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Ailee’s Victorious Journey over Deadly Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

I am writing this for everyone to be cautious, alert and aware of the signs and symptoms of dengue; when to seek medical help and what are the stages of dengue fever. This article is only base on my understanding of the disease and actual clinical manifestation of my very own one-year-old daughter. How she overcome and won the battle. She is now recovering at home. She fought dengue for seven days. God is so good for answering our deep, sincere, and fervent prayer. So now, I will tell you the story of how my daughter fought with this deadly virus.

Around 2 am Oct 8, 2018; I noticed my baby was febrile, teary-eyed, weak and irritated. So, I gave her paracetamol for fever. Since I need to go to work that day, I asked hubby to observe and continue paracetamol every 4 hours. In the afternoon I received a text from hubby that the fever was not going down even paracetamol was given every 4 hours and our baby started to vomit and drink only a little amount of milk. We, decided to see a doctor Oct 9, there must be a reason why her fever won't go away. The doctor suggested admitting our baby.

                                                  Day 1

Still, my baby was febrile temperature 39.4. Since fever has not gone with paracetamol orally, paracetamol IV administered for faster effect. The temperature will go down a little bit and back to 39.4 again. I started to be very worried. I kept on thinking that she will be fine soon. I have two patients my two-year-old and my one-year-old baby. They both have pneumonia. The worst thing was, my one year old has dengue on top of pneumonia. Tip: if there is a persistent fever for two days, vomiting and body malaise, suspect for dengue although there are also many possible causes. 

DAY 2 

October 10, 2018. Praise God for it was my baby's 1st birthday. We celebrated it inside our hospital room. I had only one prayer that day; Strength for my baby to fight the illness that she had and complete healing and restoration. My God, she is too young to experience all this. Fever was still there and  I remained calm and always prayed for my baby. Happy 1st Birthday anak. Fight my love; we love you so much. I started to cry out and asking my daughter to be strong.
I was asking Ailee to fight and never give up. Can't hold my tears from falling.

wake up nak! Lets play like our usual daily routine.
Day 3

It is on the third day that my baby was confirmed with Dengue on top with pneumonia. The platelet dropped from 172 to 50. Everyone was getting panic and nervous. We tried the tawa-tawa, magic ball, and igco milk, even these traditional medicine has no scientific explanation, but I least we tried. A lot of friends also suggested these. Thanks to my ever active and supportive sisters who were there with us from the first day until we got discharged. This day also that I noticed Ailee had puffy eyes and some edema in other parts of her body. Yes, its a normal manifestation of patients having dengue. 

super bloated abdomen
I'm so sorry my love. God loves you! just be strong! Aja!

oxygen was administered via cone @ 4L
super puffy eyes

The saddest part was to see your baby asleep for 3 days, she only wakes up a few minutes and then sleeps again. 

In the same day, Ailee's platelet was dropped to 34 and then 21. I don't know what to do but remained strong despite the critical condition of my baby. The Oxygen ordered, but we got a hard time giving it since she got disturbed when she feels the air. There were nights when we didn't close our eyes for Ailee; we were to watch out any bleeding and difficulty of breathing. Thank God she fought the virus well. Diuretics was given to eliminate excess fluid and thank God; she's doing very well.

Day 4

This is the first day without fever. Thank you, Lord! hallelujah! My baby was improving! 

                                                     Day 5

Second day without a fever! Thank you, Lord. Still, the platelet count was 38 but showing no signs of bleeding and other danger signs. This day that rashes appeared in both upper and lower extremities. She now became less irritable. She holds her own 'paaso' for her pneumonia.

Day 6

She can now tolerate foods. Thank you tita. Mango is so yummy.
look at the camera Nak.
She is now free from the danger of dengue. Thank you so much, Lord. I can now smile again, and of course, my baby is now in a good mood. She will now play again with her toys and wanted to go down from the bed. She gained her strength again. Thank you so much, Father God.

Day 7- May Go Home Day

Look at that smile! I miss that smile anak! Thank you, God for answering our fervent prayers. 

Praise God from whom all blessing flow. That smile is like nothing happened. Ailee is back to shape again.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Davao Regional Medical Center especially to Ailee's consultants and resident doctors and for all nurses who took care of my baby. Thank you very much for everything. To my family who always there to support and back me up in all aspects, thank you so much. I love you all. To all who visited my baby in the hospital, thank you so much, your visit means a lot to us and to all who prayed and wish my baby well, thank you so much.  To those generous people who shared their blessing through giving, thank you so much. God bless you more! It is still more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you is not enough to say what's in my heart. My heart is jumping with joy. Above all, thank you so much, God, for answering our fervent prayers. Indeed! You are the God of a miracle. 

Thank you so many guys for reading my post. I wish you all good health and prosperity. God bless us all.

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How To Get Your Skin Fall Ready

When summer has sadly, regretfully come to an end and fall has arrived, it's time for you to switch up your skin care routine! A new season means new dangers for your skin. Drier and colder weather will affect your skin differently than hot, sunny days. Below you will find some helpful hints on how to take the best care of your skin during the fall season. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Fall weather means you're skin will be exposed to some harsh, dry air. So in order to keep your skin fall fresh, you've got to make sure you moisturize! 

Fall is the perfect time to pull out a thicker, creamier moisturize for you face, as your skin will need all the hydration and moisture it can get. A good serum-based product can protect your skin from the fall weather as well. 

To make sure your skin is getting all of the benefits of your moisturizer it's important that you exfoliate your skin. Clearing away all those dead skin cells will allow your moisturizer to penetrate deeper into your skin. 

Your eyes and lips dry out faster than other places on your face. Always make sure that you carry around a good, natural lip balm that contains Sheabutter or beeswax. 

For your eyes, we recommend Genucel Eyelid Treatment. Not only will this treatment help with droopy eyelids by firming and lifting your skin, it will also make sure that the thin skin around your eyes stays moisturized. Genucel Eyelid Treatment is a completely plant-based product that contains miracle-working peptides that will refresh, smooth, tighten, and hydrate your eyelids. 

Good Health Habits

Most of the time good fall skin begins with not what we put on our skin but what we put in our bodies. A healthy diet can do wonders for your skin, and that means making sure that you're drinking enough water during the day. 

To restore your skin after summer has left it dried out, you can try health supplements. Fish oil rich with Omega-3s, fern extract, and zinc and calcium supplements can give your skin the right nutrients it needs to go through the rejuvenation process. 

Okay, hear us out this next one, but a humidifier is a great way to make sure that your skin stays fall fresh. Often in fall, the air dries out so much that it starts stealing moisturize from your skin. Running a humidifier in your home with restore much needed moisturize to the air and to your skin. 

When you want to get ready for fall, you need to do more than just break out all those pumpkins! Colder, drier weather and a weaker sun will leave your skin needing a little help in order to keep that glow you got in the summer. The best thing you can do for your skin is re-hydrate and moisturize all you can. When it comes to your eyes, the Eyelid Treatment by Genucel is the only way to go. Proven to tighten and smooth your eyelids, this treatment will leave you looking fall fresh.

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Jeunesse Delivers Focus with Mind Supplements

What is M1ND?

Jeunesse has delivered a top-notch solution to all of your mental stamina and focus needs with its revolutionary dietary supplement called M1ND. Its formula is based on the best focus and concentration techniques and herbs that Eastern medicine has to offer. One ounce of M1ND a day helps improve memory function and remove mental distractions. Customers from all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of M1ND in their personal and professional lives. 

Jeunesse created M1ND with the average adult in mind. For those of us who struggle with an always expanding workload and numerous demands in our personal lives, distractions seem endless. By taking this dietary supplement focused on improving mental functions, customers are enjoying the benefits of more intense concentration, which increases productivity and helps you feel more positive throughout the day. Rather than turning to habit-forming prescription drugs, Jeunesse customers are able to remember names more easily, think clearly and concentrate when it counts thanks to the benefits of M1ND. 

The secret behind the mental benefits of M1ND is that it is derived from a protein blend found in silkworm cocoons, CERA-Q. This transformative protein blend has been shown to support overall memory function when taken in the proper dosage and combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Clinical trials show that M1ND's formula can boost cognitive function without the use of prescription drugs and is generally safe for all customers. Jeunesse Global offers this formula in travel packet sizes so that you never have to go without the extra boost of confidence that M1ND can deliver to you on a daily basis. 

It is often the case that the medicinal or supplement products that work best are the least appetizing to consume. This is not true at all with M1ND. Jeunesse worked hard to develop a formula in a delicious lemon meringue flavor that is as enjoyable going down as it is when it's working at its best for you throughout a long and demanding day. This product can be used alongside the many other health and beauty supplements that Jeunesse offers so that you achieve a well-rounded version of health and happiness. 

More Information on Jeunesse

Jeunesse has been delivering a steady stream of effective products ever since it was founded. It operates as a direct selling company and abides by the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics in all of its business practices. Representatives who sell Jeunesse products are a genuine testament to their effectiveness and ability to improve your lifestyle. 

While some products offered by Jeunesse focus on helping you fight the effects of the aging process, others are designed to support efforts to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. Jeunesse has been consistently expanding the number of products it offers and has most recently branched into developing healthy, affordable makeup products that complement its successful skincare line. What makes Jeunesse's products so revolutionary is that they tackle the aging process from the inside out and do not just offer a temporary or outward solution to feeling and looking younger. When used collectively, the products developed by Jeunesse help improve your appearance and energy levels by addressing aging issues at the cellular level.

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She’s a fighter

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My daughter won the battle from dengue virus! When the time that I almost lost hope God is working miraculously and answering all our fervent prayers! Thank you so much Lord for giving us hope when we are about to be hopeless. Indeed, You are the great healer! Nothing is impossible to you Lord. My daughter’s platelet was dropped to 21 which is the normal is 150. Everyone got panic and of course cry is the only thing I did. I am weak but God is my strenght. He made me to trust Him more. Thank you so much for all the doctors and nurses who were taking care of my baby. My daughter is a fighter! Thank you so much Lord. Now, we are ready to go home after 1 week of staying here in the hospital and critically battling the fatal dengue virus.

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Talkspace Therapists Discusses The Types Of Friends You Need To Avoid

It is important to have a good group of friends. Having friendships helps keep you emotionally and mentally healthy. In many cases, people are closer to their friends than their own family. It is normal for our friends to annoy us sometimes. 

However, there are some friends who have bad habits that can ruin our mental health. There are seven types of friends that you will need to avoid. 

The Promise Breaker 

People are human, so they may not be able to keep every promise that they make to you. However, if promises are repeatedly broken, then this is a bad sign. You do not want to be friends with someone who repeatedly breaks promises, but they expect you to keep yours. 

The Dramatic Friend 

It can be entertaining and engaging to have a dramatic friend. However, drama is for reality TV. It is not for real life. You do not want to be friends with someone who is caught up in gossip and always spreading rumors. You also do not want to be friends with someone who always wants to be the victim. This can be toxic and emotionally draining. 

The Negative Nancy 

Moods can be just as contagious as the flu. If you have a friend who is in a bad mood, then you may be in a bad mood next. There is nothing wrong with allowing your friends to vent to you if they are having a bad day. However, if you are constantly around someone who is negative, then this can have a negative impact on your emotions. 

The Competitor 

Small amounts of competition can actually be healthy. If you see your friend's goals and achievement as something that you can work towards, then there is nothing wrong with that. However, people who always want to be in competition with you are the ones that you want to avoid. They not only want to get what you have, but they also want to take what you have. 

The Bad Influence 

Pre-teens and teens are often told that they have to watch who they hang around because certain people can be a bad influence. However, this is just as important for adults. You do not want to hang around people who are going to lead you down the wrong path. 

The One Who Fights 

Fights are an inevitable part of a friendship. However, if you are constantly in conflict with your friend, then you will need to avoid them. Constant conflict can lead to depression. 

The Know-It-All 

There are people who always need to have the last word. They also believe that they know everything. They may also belittle you and put you down. If you have a know-it-all friend, then this is a friendship that you may want to end. 

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a company that provides online counseling. People will get counseling from the company by downloading the online therapy app. After that, they will complete an online assessment. The purpose of an assessment is to make sure that people are matched with a therapist that fits their needs. The next step is to choose the plan that works for you. 

The online therapy app has been praised because it provides people with a convenient and affordable way to get treatment.

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Dufficult times

The most difficult trial of a mother is seeing her kids lying on the hospital bed, helpless and in pain. My two jewels are admitted in the hospital now and I can’t take to see them very sick. I can’t help but cry. One thing I am asking is God will heal my sick children. Restoring their heath. I regret why sometimes I may complain of them being super hyper but now I want their hyperactiveness again. I dont mind handling their hyperactive behavior. Lord, I offer you the lives of my daughter, restore them with you powerful hands and bless the medicines that hey are taking and also the doctors and nurses that take care of my babies. I am weak Lord, I ask for strenght and make me strong to handle things and stay focus and positive even in times like these. 

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Herbal Global Signs an Agreement with Jonathan Dos Santos for Sports Nutrition Sponsorship

Herbalife Nutrition has been reaching out to a significant number of sports personalities in the industry where it has been offering them deals to form a formidable partnership between the company and the individual athlete. This trend has been there for a more extended period, but it has been predominantly dominated by clothing companies, especially sport clothing organizations. However, the dynamics in the market and other organizations are entering into deals with sports personalities whereby they have been acting as their brand or product ambassadors in the sporting world. This is a significant development as it will help individuals to meet their financial needs while organizations get the publicity they would like. Sponsoring organizations also get to exercise their corporate social responsibilities. 

The recent sports personality deal sees Herbalife Nutrition announce an agreement to sponsor Jonathan dos Santos as the official performance nutrition partner. The details in the deal highlight that the company will be compensating the Mexican international through the MLS 2021 season. This increases the number of sports personalities that the organization is sponsoring, especially those in the MLS league. Jonathan dos Santos is expected to be a fruitful person in the development and marketing of the organization so that it can achieve its goals and objectives of supporting sports personalities. 

The new member of the expanding group of individuals being sponsored by the multinational supplement manufacturer is now in a position of accessing goods and services offered and sold by the company. Mostly, the new member is allowed to access all the products in the sports performance products. Additionally, the agreement between the organization and the player will also include participating in a community activity that will enhance sporting events in the community. The new member of the group will also be involved in education activities, especially the ones that have everything to do with sports nutrition as well as the company’s marketing activities. 

Rich Goudis, who represents the company in signing most of these deals, has been highlighting how it is essential to partner with notable sports personalities because they illuminate the picture of the company to the broader public. This means that, despite the organizations being able to sell its commodities to the members of sports fraternity, the organization can pay back to these individuals who will later help to develop the communities from which they come. It is the goals of the company to help the community achieve its intended goals and objectives such as sports development at the community level and enhancing nutritional performances. 
In the words of Rich Goudis, the chief executive of the company, Jonathan dos Santos is the right person to partner with the company as he shows exactly what the company has been intending to achieve. One of the most stands out aspects that made Jonathan be selected is that he is highly committed to nutrition, community development, and fitness with a purpose. This means that the organization will get the best person who is willing to use the products for a healthier and happier life. 

About Herbalife 
This is a multinational organization that is committed to produce, market, and sell nutritional products to the members of the public. One of the primary goals of the firm is to ensure that individuals have dietary supplements that they can use for weight management, enhancing sports performance, and providing that they are fit enough to live a healthier and happier life. With employees going beyond 8,000 around the world, the organization is geared towards delivering that individuals get rid of global problems such as malnutrition, ageing, diabetes, and obesity. The company produces its products to ensure the safety and authenticity of its commodity which makes the entity to be one of the most trusted organizations in more than 90 countries where the company has set its foothold.

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Shaken but not Defeated

I thank God every day of my life. He gave a work which I love. As an insurance claims processor I deal with cancer patients and their families daily. This encounter made me more thankful and appreciates life God gave me and my family. I have a deep sympathy with my patients because I know the burden they bear. I know how they feel, having a father who was diagnosed with gastric canter too two years ago. I can’t imagine the pain, the heartaches after knowing that my father has cancer. It seems that our family was tested and shaken but instead of getting stocked and hopeless, we fought and hold on together as one family, helped each other prayed for each other. By God’s grace and help, my dad’s operation went successful. He is now free from pain brought by the monster cells in his stomach. Our deepest prayer now that the cancer won’t recur as the doctor said it might come back after one to two years. Though chemotherapy was advised, dad refused it. We can’t do any but to respect his decision. Now, he is back to his normal life and routine. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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Different Types of Discipline

What type of disciplinary action are you taking your children? Is there any right way to rule them? Is spanking good or not? What is the basis when we say strict or not? These are the questions that bothered me. It's like I am in the middle where I don't know where to stand. Honestly, many times I felt down and failed in this area of my life as a mother of 3 children. I feel guilty most of the time which is I think that other mothers are feeling also.

Sometimes, I ask my parents how they raised us that made us good children and not a burden to the community. I am presently struggling with my eldest now. She'll be turning eight this August and she is already answering me back and will not listen to me. Now, I understand what our mother was feeling when we didn't listen to her before. I already tried to talk to her in a very calm voice but failed. I also tried to spank her every time she commits mistake and won't listen, but I guess I make her stubborn. That moment when you shouted already, but still she won't listen? I feel like bursting! They said that I should treat her in different ways. I tried but still didn't get better.

I know for sure that It's all our fault because all our attention, love and care is only to her. We tried to give her everything she likes like a toy, dress and many more. But today that she already has two younger siblings, she started to feel jealous and bitter. Life is so much different now that we are growing in number. She doesn’t understand everything. There are also lapses in our part as parents; we have a different style of discipline. I am firm, but hubby’s not. I wish he is a great disciplinarian in the home, but it’s impossible. Every parent wants only the best for their children, and I don’t want my children to walk down the wrong road just like some teenagers now are facing. I know I still have much time to control her because she is just seven and I do believe that God would help me in this aspect. I am very afraid that she would become rebellious enough to walk in her own. I ask God to give us knowledge and wisdom in raising our kids in the right way and in God’s way.

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Dream Come True

Life is a matter of choice. Your future depends on how you build your dreams and finding ways to make it come true. Having a brand new car for me is a dream came true. We have been thinking it a million times before deciding to have it and finally last month we got what we wished for. I guess life would be happier and easy but I was wrong. Honestly, it gives me more headache and pressures. I cannot sleep well thinking about our monthly amortizations and other expenses. I dont know if Im just overthinking it. Though we have already planned  budget for the car but I cannot erase the ‘what if’ questions. Well, we choose it, we prayed for it then I must accept the disadvantages having a brand new car. However, in the brighter side of the situation. I am happy to see my children sitting comfortable in the car. We can now go wherever we want as family. I know spending time with them is the most important above all. I always have a guilt feeling inside me. I am working 8hours a day in the office and I dont have much time for my children. Having a road trip with my family is one way to fill those times that I supposed to spend with them  everyday. I know they will understand that I am working so I can buy milk for them. I thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to have a brand new car. He allowed this, He will also make a way to provide our needs.

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It starts in the Home

My heart was crushed and torned upon seeing the news about the 2 year old girl who was raped, tortured like an animal, burned with hot water and some internal organs protruded in her anal area. This made a chaos in the socia media. This a very serious because the victim is just two years old and she really dont deserved to suffer this kind of torture that put her to death. I really feel sorry for the family of the victim. I know how they feel because I have also 2year old daughter. The suspect was said to be a’menor de edad’ but this should not be an excused not to be in prison. The group of teenagers who are alledgely using solvent are rampant in the society now. There should be an action about this. Children nowadays need to be taught how to be a good citizen and it should start in the home. It is the parent’s obligation to descipline, mold and guide their children in the right path. I don’t know how the parents of these teeagers are doing but there is the big impact if we are going to trace what kind of family they have. Creating the child’s behavior, attitude, attributes must starts in the home.

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Health is wealth

I always remember my mom telling us that we should take extra good care of our health because  health is wealth! Health is state of physical and mental well being. We need to stay healthy is order for us to work and earn a living for our family especially if we have children. As a nurse working in a hospital I witnessed and realized that we are all passing in this world and diseases will come no matter how hard we prevent them. It depends to our lifestyle and sometimes we acquire hereditary diseases. What we have now is the result of what we did in the past. So, we should start having a healthy lifestyle today so we can take care of our family and not paralyzing everything important in our lives. To have a maximum health and the absence of diseases should be our goal in order to fulfill our dreams in life.

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Save pa more!

I have read a lot of tips on how to save money specifically the Chinkee Tan’s Diary of a Pulubi. The tips are very practical and self explanatory. It is about daily living. Yes, it is very easy to understand advices but I don’t know why it is so hard to apply it. My year 2017 was a good one because I have saved a not so big amount but I am happy I was finally able to set aside some of my salary and other benifits my company is giving. If I would total all our expenses everyday, my salary is not enough to us especially having three kids. If I would stick to that reason saving is not possible to happen. I was able to cut off down some unnecessary things that would actually affects our finances. I can say that savings is one of the hardest thing a mother could do but when you are used to it, you will be surprised how much money you could have and you will get addicted with it. Haha

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Health and Beauty

Health & Beauty
Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Lotion with SPF 25

Bring Your Skin into Light with Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Lotion (with SPF 25)
It’s no secret that many Filipinas prefer fair, radiant and flawless skin. And I have to admit it, I tend to succumb to those products that promise a whiter and glowing skin.

One of the whitening products I highly recommend is the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Lotion with SPF 25. I consider this as one of my beauty staples because it lives up to its ability to keep my skin fair. So many brands today make so many promises, raise your expectations, and in the end only get you disappointed because of the lack of results, but this one is an exception. I got my supply of this from, this is like Lazada and is very reliable.

This lotion combines Glutathione, Vitamin C and Plant Extracts that intensely whiten skin. It also contains antioxidants from the Glutathione and Vitamin C, which prevent any skin damage due to the harmful rays of the sun and some inevitable environmental stress. 

In addition, this lotion from Gluta-C is made for advanced skin nourishment with Vitamin C, E and shea butter, which deeply moisturize the skin. All these ingredients improve not just the skin tone but also helps reduce signs of premature aging such as skin dullness, fine lines, dryness, and wrinkles. Now, that’s an awesome deal!

What I particularly like about this product is that I don’t feel icky whenever I apply this. It’s light on the skin because of its non-greasy formula and it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no sticky residue at all. Another remarkable thing about this lotion is its effective sun protection with SPF 25. I can fully enjoy the outdoors as it protects my skin from harmful UV rays that cause skin aging and sunburn.

Overall, the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Lotion (with SPF 25) is a superb lotion for those who want to achieve a lighter complexion, avoid dark spots, and have smoother and moisturized skin.

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