Dream Come True

Life is a matter of choice. Your future depends on how you build your dreams and finding ways to make it come true. Having a brand new car for me is a dream came true. We have been thinking it a million times before deciding to have it and finally last month we got what we wished for. I guess life would be happier and easy but I was wrong. Honestly, it gives me more headache and pressures. I cannot sleep well thinking about our monthly amortizations and other expenses. I dont know if Im just overthinking it. Though we have already planned  budget for the car but I cannot erase the ‘what if’ questions. Well, we choose it, we prayed for it then I must accept the disadvantages having a brand new car. However, in the brighter side of the situation. I am happy to see my children sitting comfortable in the car. We can now go wherever we want as family. I know spending time with them is the most important above all. I always have a guilt feeling inside me. I am working 8hours a day in the office and I dont have much time for my children. Having a road trip with my family is one way to fill those times that I supposed to spend with them  everyday. I know they will understand that I am working so I can buy milk for them. I thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to have a brand new car. He allowed this, He will also make a way to provide our needs.

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