Different Types of Discipline

What type of disciplinary action are you taking your children? Is there any right way to rule them? Is spanking good or not? What is the basis when we say strict or not? These are the questions that really bothered me. It's like I am in the middle where I don't know where to stand. Honestly, many times I feel down and failed  in this area of my life as a mother of 3 children. I feel guilty most of the time which is I think that other mothers are feeling also.

Sometimes, I ask my parents how they raised us that made us a good children and not a burden to the community. I am presently struggling with my eldest now. She'll be turning eight this August and she already answering me back and will not listen to me. Now, I understand what our mother was feeling when we didn't listened to her before. I already tried to talk to her in a very calm voice but failed. I also tried to spank her every time she commits mistake and won't listen but I guess I just making her stubborn. That moment when you shouted already but still she won't listen? I feel like bursing! They said that I should treat her in different ways. I tried but still didn't get better. 
I know for sure that Its all our fault. When she came into our lives, all our attentions, love and care was only focused to her. We tried to give her everything she likes like a toy, dress and many more. But today that she already have 2 younger siblings, she started to feel jelous and bitter. Life is so much different now that we are growing in number. She just dont understand everything. There are also lapses in our part as parents because have different style of discipline. I am firm but hubby’s not. I just wish he is a great disciplinarian in the home but its very impossible. Every parents wants only the best for their children and I dont want my children to walk in the wrong road just like some teenagers now are facing. I know I still have much time to control her because she is just seven and I do believe that God would help me in this aspect. I am just very afraid that she would become rebellios enough to walk in her own. I ask God to give us knowledge and wisdom in raising our kids in the right way and in God’s way. 

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