Ailee’s Victorious Journey over Deadly Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

I am writing this for everyone to be cautious, alert and aware of the signs and symptoms of dengue; when to seek medical help and what are the stages of dengue fever. This article is only base on my understanding of the disease and actual clinical manifestation of my very own one-year-old daughter. How she overcome and won the battle. She is now recovering at home. She fought dengue for seven days. God is so good for answering our deep, sincere, and fervent prayer. So now, I will tell you the story of how my daughter fought with this deadly virus.

Around 2 am Oct 8, 2018; I noticed my baby was febrile, teary-eyed, weak and irritated. So, I gave her paracetamol for fever. Since I need to go to work that day, I asked hubby to observe and continue paracetamol every 4 hours. In the afternoon I received a text from hubby that the fever was not going down even paracetamol was given every 4 hours and our baby started to vomit and drink only a little amount of milk. We, decided to see a doctor Oct 9, there must be a reason why her fever won't go away. The doctor suggested admitting our baby.

                                                  Day 1

Still, my baby was febrile temperature 39.4. Since fever has not gone with paracetamol orally, paracetamol IV administered for faster effect. The temperature will go down a little bit and back to 39.4 again. I started to be very worried. I kept on thinking that she will be fine soon. I have two patients my two-year-old and my one-year-old baby. They both have pneumonia. The worst thing was, my one year old has dengue on top of pneumonia. Tip: if there is a persistent fever for two days, vomiting and body malaise, suspect for dengue although there are also many possible causes. 

DAY 2 

October 10, 2018. Praise God for it was my baby's 1st birthday. We celebrated it inside our hospital room. I had only one prayer that day; Strength for my baby to fight the illness that she had and complete healing and restoration. My God, she is too young to experience all this. Fever was still there and  I remained calm and always prayed for my baby. Happy 1st Birthday anak. Fight my love; we love you so much. I started to cry out and asking my daughter to be strong.
I was asking Ailee to fight and never give up. Can't hold my tears from falling.

wake up nak! Lets play like our usual daily routine.
Day 3

It is on the third day that my baby was confirmed with Dengue on top with pneumonia. The platelet dropped from 172 to 50. Everyone was getting panic and nervous. We tried the tawa-tawa, magic ball, and igco milk, even these traditional medicine has no scientific explanation, but I least we tried. A lot of friends also suggested these. Thanks to my ever active and supportive sisters who were there with us from the first day until we got discharged. This day also that I noticed Ailee had puffy eyes and some edema in other parts of her body. Yes, its a normal manifestation of patients having dengue. 

super bloated abdomen
I'm so sorry my love. God loves you! just be strong! Aja!

oxygen was administered via cone @ 4L
super puffy eyes

The saddest part was to see your baby asleep for 3 days, she only wakes up a few minutes and then sleeps again. 

In the same day, Ailee's platelet was dropped to 34 and then 21. I don't know what to do but remained strong despite the critical condition of my baby. The Oxygen ordered, but we got a hard time giving it since she got disturbed when she feels the air. There were nights when we didn't close our eyes for Ailee; we were to watch out any bleeding and difficulty of breathing. Thank God she fought the virus well. Diuretics was given to eliminate excess fluid and thank God; she's doing very well.

Day 4

This is the first day without fever. Thank you, Lord! hallelujah! My baby was improving! 

                                                     Day 5

Second day without a fever! Thank you, Lord. Still, the platelet count was 38 but showing no signs of bleeding and other danger signs. This day that rashes appeared in both upper and lower extremities. She now became less irritable. She holds her own 'paaso' for her pneumonia.

Day 6

She can now tolerate foods. Thank you tita. Mango is so yummy.
look at the camera Nak.
She is now free from the danger of dengue. Thank you so much, Lord. I can now smile again, and of course, my baby is now in a good mood. She will now play again with her toys and wanted to go down from the bed. She gained her strength again. Thank you so much, Father God.

Day 7- May Go Home Day

Look at that smile! I miss that smile anak! Thank you, God for answering our fervent prayers. 

Praise God from whom all blessing flow. That smile is like nothing happened. Ailee is back to shape again.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Davao Regional Medical Center especially to Ailee's consultants and resident doctors and for all nurses who took care of my baby. Thank you very much for everything. To my family who always there to support and back me up in all aspects, thank you so much. I love you all. To all who visited my baby in the hospital, thank you so much, your visit means a lot to us and to all who prayed and wish my baby well, thank you so much.  To those generous people who shared their blessing through giving, thank you so much. God bless you more! It is still more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you is not enough to say what's in my heart. My heart is jumping with joy. Above all, thank you so much, God, for answering our fervent prayers. Indeed! You are the God of a miracle. 

Thank you so many guys for reading my post. I wish you all good health and prosperity. God bless us all.

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