An Introspection for a Balanced Lifestyle

In today’ society, I wonder how many people give credence to the importance and benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In my early 30’s, I feel like I’ve lost the sense of work-life balance. I feel like I’m moving yet, I’m not getting anywhere. I’ve confused motion with progress. Heaps of workload and deadlines keep on coming. I was consumed of how to get the things in my never-ending to-do list done.Just like most of us are, we make too many excuses because we believe we’ve got so much on. That sometimes leads to procrastination or ending up not doing the things that are important for ourselves because we’re too occupied of the present. This left me in deep thought how the culture of being busy becomes a trend nowadays.

We sure have different purpose, goals, and priorities in life. We even have different frustrations, failures, and stresses in life. Finding balance may be a bit challenging, maintaining it is quite a different story. But life is very much of a balancing act.As Stephen Covey once said, the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.No matter how complex our lives would be, we must not forget that it is our responsibility to be well and healthy. Since we all have diverse mechanisms on how to deal with different aspects of our lives, we just need to find one that suits our lifestyle. Let us find time to reflect and introspect which areas are taking too much energy and try to put them into perspective in a way that would be beneficial to us.

Let us be reminded that more than anyone else, we have full control over our lives. Not just a balanced lifestyle increases life expectancy, it also brings us contentment and happiness.There’s truth in this cliché, “never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”Imagine how many more years do you have left in this world. It's pointless to exhaust all your energy for the things you want in the future when you have no one to spend it with when that time comes. Because you are too depleted building up your career that you give less or no time with your loved ones. I don’t want to regret in my later years of having experience the paradox of life. Enjoy life while you still can and most importantly, live a life with purpose.

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