How to Create an Ideal Subject Line for Your Email

They may say that they do not judge the email that they receive based on the subject line but this is not true. Some people will simply check out the subject line and delete the email if it does not appeal to them.

An email marketer should make the effort to tests out different subject lines until they figure out a formula that works for their subscribers. You need to make your subject lines so compelling, so interesting that people cannot help but just click on it.

Subject lines may be the shortest part of your email but it is one of the most important. It will determine if your email will manage to stand out from people’s already crowded inbox. Good thing that there are some tips that you can follow so that you can create subject lines that will just drum up people’s interest.

l   Keep the subject line short.
The problem with writing long subject lines is that it will surely get cut off. Some may think that this is good as it would require people to click on the email to see what it truly has to say. A lot of times, people will not bother anymore. Create a subject line that is less than 50 characters so that they will be displayed properly.
l   Use a sender name that is easily recognizable.
You can use your name on the sender’s address as it will make you easier to reach by your subscribers. Now is not the time to use the It will only make people feel intimidated. At the same time, they will not bother to add your name to the address book. This will increase the chances of your email going to the spam folder.
l   Always segment your lists.
Creating email blasts can be very helpful for you because it is fast and easy but your subscribers may want different things. For example, you may offer fashionable items. People will not see any need to receive fashion trends for women when they are interested in seeing fashion trends for men.

The tips mentioned above are meant to help you create subject lines that will make people open your email more.

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